5 Best Arab Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Even If You Don’t Want To

5 Best Arab Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Even If You Don’t Want To

If you’re looking for funny and hilarious Arab jokes, then you’ve come to the right place. The Arab world is famous and known for their love, but they’re also amusing.

Funny Arab And Jew Jokes In English

Funny Arab Jokes

It’s Time To Get Along

A Jewish man is traveling in a train when three Arab’s get into his compartment.

The Arab’s take a seat, and the Jewish man is a bit stressed, yet stays silent.

All is well for a little time when one of the Arab men says “Hey JEW, get us some coffee.” The Jewish man stands up to get the coffee when the Arab says “remove one of your shoes and leave it here”! The Jewish man goes along and leaves to get them some coffee.

When he returns, they take their coffee’s, and he gets his shoe, “you Shit in my shoe” he said, and the Arab’s all chuckled.

One more hour passes and the Arab says, “Hey Jew, make another coffee for us and leave your other shoe at the door .” The Jew didn’t want to get in any bad situation, so the Jew consented, left his shoe and went to get the coffee.

He comes back with the coffee, offers it to them, and gets the other shoe “You shit in both my shoes”! At which the Arab’s begin snickering once more.

The Jew stands up to leave the train after he reached his destination. The Arab asks “Hey JEW, when will Arab’s and Jews learn to get along together?”

The Jew answers “when you quit Shitting in my shoes, and I quit Pissing in your coffee.”

Funny Arab Jokes


There’s a Palestinian family whose father is getting on the verge of excessively fragile for them to care for so they think it`s time to place him in a Care Home where he can get all the help he needs.

They check out everywhere on their town and can`t discover any with an opening aside from one on the edges that are predominately Jewish. They converse with Dad, and he`s fine with it if the Home will take him, they ask and the specialist who runs it says fine as well yet give him a week to settle in.

After a week, they visit him, and he`s sat alone in the Day Room,

“Are you okay Papa ?” they inquire.

He grins and says he is fine.They visit for a spell and return home.Returning the following week, again he`s sat alone, and they get stressed that he`s being segregated.

“No,” he answers.”I`m fine.In certainty, I`m superior to anything fine they adore me here.”

“Love you, Papa?But they`re Jews, and you`re Arab.”

“Give me a chance to clarify.You see that white haired woman? She hasn’t taught in a school for many years, but they call her Professor. .That bald man sat on the tennis court; he hasn’t led an orchestra in twenty years, but they call Maestro and. That man in the wheelchair he hasn’t practiced for ten years but they call him Doctor.They have a unique name for me as well; I haven`t had intercourse since your Mother died twenty-five years back – they call me the fucking Arab!”

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Mission Impossible

Three tourists an American, a man and his wife, are going in the Middle East. An Arab approaches the husband, saying, “I’ll give you 100 camels for your lady.”

After a long time thinking, the man says, “She’s not available for purchase.”

The rankled wife says, “What took you so long to reply?”

The husband answered, “I was attempting to make sense of how to take 100 camels home.”

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Jews Blood

An Arab required a heart transplant, yet before the surgery, the specialists expected to store his blood type if the need emerges.

Since the Arab had a different sort of blood, it couldn’t be discovered by regional standards. So the news went out to various nations.

Finally, a Jew was found who had the same blood classification, and he agreed to donate his blood.

The Arab after the surgery sent the Jew a note to say thanks for giving his blood alongside a costly precious stone and another Rolls-Royce car as a token of his appreciation. Sadly, the Arab needed to experience a corrective surgery at the end of the day.

His specialists called the Jew who was glad to give his blood once more.

The Arab sent the Jew a case of Almond Roca desserts and a Thank You card after the second surgery.

The Jew was stunned to see that the Arab this time did not recognize the Jew’s kind thought in the same route as he had done the first run through.

So he called the Arab and asked him for what reason he had communicated his thankfulness in not an exceptionally liberal way.

The Arab answered:

“Ya Habibi !!,

I have Jewish blood now, remember..!?

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That Thing

That Thing

An old Arab lived near NYC for over 40 years. He wanted to plant potatoes in his garden, but he was old and sick. His son is in school in Paris, so the old man sends him an email to clarify the issue:

“Darling boy, I’m exceptionally sad, cause I can’t plant potatoes in my garden. I am certain, if you arrived, you would assist and dig up the garden for me. Love you.

Your Father

The next day, the old man gets a reply from his son:

“Darling Father, Please don’t touch the garden. It’s there that I have hidden ‘the THING.’Love you, as well.


At 4 pm the US Army, The Marines, the FBI, the CIA and the Rangers visit the old’s man house, dissect the entire garden, look every last bit, yet cannot discover anything. Disillusioned they go out. After a day, the old man gets another email from his son.

“Dearest Father, I trust the patio nursery is dug up at this point, and you can plant your potatoes. That is whatever I could do for you from here. Ahmed

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