The Most Cheesiest Attack On Titan Pick Up Lines For Manga Series Fans

The Most Cheesiest Attack On Titan Pick Up Lines For Manga Series Fans

Attack On Titan fans, we’ve compiled the most awesome Attack On Titan pick up lines with images as said by our favorite characters.  Pick Up Lines World shares with you the best pickup lines from Attack On Titan series.

Attack On Titan Pick Up Lines For Fans Have Been Waiting For

Hey, you’re the potato to my Sasha.

Hey, handsome, If I were a female titan, I’d scream and make you come.

Hey girl, wanna see my 15m class titan?

I’m no titan yet I can make you scream.

Do you love Titan? Do you want to see one?

Hey, sexy, The only colossal titan is the one in my jeans.

Hello, Are you a Titan? Since I wouldn’t see any problems, you eating me.

Hey girl, you Annie cause you have a great ass.

You should be a colossal titan because you’re hot as hell.

Want to be the Titan that breaks my walls.

Baby, they call me a colossal titan because I’ve been penetrating your walls.

Hey, you know I could never abandon you. My love for you is too colossal.

Are you Marco Bodt? Cause you’re my other half.

Let’s make like titans and get steamy.

Let me be the Wall Sina to your Wall Maria. Deep inside you.

Hey, when you’re finished with those ERENS, we should back to MIKASA so I can put my ARMIN your JEANS.

Hey, do you need some clean place to sit? I want to let you know that I just washed my face.

Hey baby, are you Eren Yeager’s mom? Cause I’d munch on that pussy.

Let me know you’re a titan shifter since you’re hot as hell fire and I need to see you naked.

Hey baby, Are you hungry? Would you mind to taste my meat?

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