Avatar The Last Airbender Pick Up Lines

Avatar The Last Airbender Pick Up Lines

We’ve compiled a humongous list of Avatar the last Airbender pick up lines for all the fans. Take a look at the below mentioned pick up lines and start an interesting conversation with any Avatar fan.

Avatar The Last Airbender Pick Up Lines For Fans

Are you a fire bender because you’re making me hot?

I’m a chi blocker do you want me to hit all the right spots?

I’ll unblock that chakra if you bend over.

You know they call me “twinkle toes” but you haven’t heard what they say about my fingers.

Hey, Tenzin! Do you want to show me where that arrow’s pointing?

Hey, Girl, I may not be an earth bender, but I could sure rock your world.

Are you a spirit or just out of this world?

I hear Airbender’s are good at blowing.

Do you live on Kyoshi Island because your unagi is huge?

I’d bend over backward for your Valentine.

Hey, babe, I’m a traveling hippie group. Mind if I go through your secret tunnel?

Are you a fire bender? Cause you killed my boner.

Hey, girl! My boomerang won’t be the only thing coming tonight.

Baby, you’re my forever girl.[cmamad id=”2911″ align=”floatright” tabid=”display-desktop” mobid=”display-desktop” stg=””]

Hey Girl, are you an air bender? Cause you’ve taken my breath away.

My first girlfriend turned into the moon. Would you mind comforting me?

Hey, baby! The only thing you’re going to bend is over.

Hey, Girl, I may not be a water bender, but I bet I can get you wet.

You don’t need to be a blood bender to make me rise!

you are like my boomerang; you always seem to find your way back to me.

Are you a chi blocker? Cause my dick is limp!

You must be a moon spirit because I could look at you all night.

I’m the Avatar and what I see goes, and you must deal with it! So be mine now!

Girl, you must be a blood bender, because you’re making my blood go to certain places.

I’m a chi blocker do you want me to hit all the right spots?

Are you a blood bender because my dick is rising with the moon?

Did you remove my bending because a part of me is not bending anymore?

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