The Avengers Pick Up Lines To Impress a Die Hard Marvel Fan

The Avengers Pick Up Lines To Impress a Die Hard Marvel Fan

Hey, baby wanna get pound with my hammer. ~ Thor

All my muscles got bigger when they made me a super soldier. ~ Captain America

The longest arrow I’ve is not my quiver. ~ Hawkeye

Hey, baby, that’s not my staff poking your back. ~ Loki

Like Mjölnir to Thor, I’ll always come back to you.

I hit the bullseye every time. Need to test it out? ~ Hawkeye

Hey girl, wanna be the captain to my America? ~ Captain America

Want to know how large my staff truly is? ~ Loki

Hulk not kidding. It’s so big. It’s rips clothes off. ~ Hulk

Want to be the fly that gets in my web? ~ Black Widow

Hey, baby wanna make some thunder tonight. ~ Thor

Hey baby, do you know what has 148 teeth and keeps down the Incredible Hulk? The whole Avengers team.

You made my day Loki.

Hey baby, Do you like it hard. Do you want to see where the real iron is? ~ Iron Man

Are you from the 1940s because I’d love to have a future. ~ Captain America

Iron Man is red, Thor’s hair is gold, get on your knees, and do what you’re told.

I’d tear apart the nine realms for a kiss from you.

I was frozen in ice for decades. Can you help me warm up? ~ Captain America

I can expand more than just your mind.

Hey, girl, My shield can block you from finding a way to my heart. ~ Captain America

I must be made of magnet, cause I’m attracted to you.

I should be made of magnet, cause I’m genuinely attracted to you. ~ Iron Man

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