Johnny Bravo Pick Up Lines

Johnny Bravo Pick Up Lines

Johnny Bravo Pick Up Lines To Get All The Girls

Are you a Johnny Bravo fan and want to learn some Johnny Bravo pick up lines then you are at the right place. Pump up your biceps and get all the girls and be the real johnny bravo.

Johnny Bravo Pick Up Lines

I got you a birthday present ….me!

Johnny Bravo Pick Up Lines

Hey baby, I can tell we both love the same things ….me!

Johnny Bravo PickUp Lines

“Say there, pretty air mama, didn’t you see me in your dreams last night?”

best Johnny Bravo Pick Up Lines

“I’m gonna say, ‘Hey hot mama, wanna go back to my place for a game of Twister?”

johnny bravo catch phrases

“Hey there, foxy hygiene girl. (whoosh) I love a babe with minty breath.”

johnny bacon bravo the character

“Say, how ’bout you and me sharin’ a soda right now?”

johnny bravo quotes

“Wanna feel my muscles? Only a dime a minute!”

johnny bravo hey pretty mama

Hey baby you look like you’ve got Bravo fever and I’m just what the doctor ordered!

johnny bravo pick up quotes

Hey baby, don’t walk away …you’re headed in the wrong direction. My house is this way.

the real johnny bravo

Oh Momma, I’m so sweet that I’ve got a mouth full of cavities.

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