Boob Pick Up Lines

Boob Pick Up Lines

Tell the world how much you love boobs with these funny and quite genuine boobs pick up lines from Pickuplinesworld.

Naughty And Sexy Boob Pick Up Lines

Baby, you’re looking so hot right now, if we weren’t at church I’d poke your boob.

Can I touch boob?

Woo! It’s gotta be jelly, cause jam don’t shake like that.

I want your sexy boob ……To play.

I wish I was your name tag, on your boob.

Hey do you have big nipples. Do they cover up your whole boob. Are they long.

Do you know there’s something precious under your left boob. Your heart.

Please tell your boobs to quit gazing at my eyes.

My boob is hot wanna feel.

Your a boob, just tittin’ you’re my breast friend.

Nice tits wanna fuck?.

How about some fries to go with that shake?

Hey girl, put your boob in my blender”

I touched your boob last time take my number.

Hey let me see euro boob.

Are they real?

If you rub sandpaper on your nipple is it gonna drop.

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Try different pick up lines. Don’t worry if the ones you got now ain’t working. The boob pick up lines will work for sure.

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