The Most Hilarious Car Pick Up Lines You’ve Ever Heard

The Most Hilarious Car Pick Up Lines You’ve Ever Heard

These car pick up lines could help you impress car lovers and enthusiasts. Sometimes you can’t impress a girl only with your car. You do need a combination of excellent luxury car and some hot pick up lines actually to impress her.

Hey baby, wanna come back to my place? I’ll have you purring like a Diesel engine from 0-60 in 6.2 seconds.

Hey, Girl! Your eyes remind me of my car headlights. So Bright, Big & Beautiful.

Roses are red; violets are blue. Get in the car so that I can f..k you.

Hey, Baby! May I check your fluids with my dipstick.

Hey, sexy! Wanna go for a test drive?

Hey, baby! Every heard of a dancing car? Get in, and I will show you.

Can you help me reconfigure my GPS system? I need directions to get into your pants.

Hey, Girl! Who needs a pickup line when you’ve got a pickup truck.

Hey, Baby! I’ve changed the shocks of my car. Wanna try them?

Hey, Girl! You have a nice chassis, two lovely airbags, and a fantastic bumper.

Hey, Handsome! I will give you such a service that your motor will cease, and your exhaust will fall off.

Can I open your bonnet and check out your oil with my dipstick.

If I put my key in your ignition will it turn you on?

Hey, baby! If you were a car, I’d drive you all night long.

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