Funny Cute Chemistry Pick Up Lines To Help You Create Chemistry

Funny Cute Chemistry Pick Up Lines To Help You Create Chemistry

Chemists are also humans. Every chemist deserves a break. So put that beaker down, take your safety glasses off, and revel in some chemistry pick up lines. Occasionally, the page will jump off and prove useful in your social life. Memorizing the day on which researcher observe moles isn’t among them, but attempt to combine several components together and see what sort of reaction you will get.

If you want to make a hit on a girl who’s a chemistry nerd but you don’t have any words to say to her. Yes, we’re speaking about making use of a chemistry pick up line on her.

And that means you’re attracted to that particularly cute classmate of yours? Well, as if she’s also a chemistry student, you can make use of a chemistry pick up line on her. Your opportunities going wrong are thin if both of you’re chemistry nerds. But when the chemistry is her realm and not yours, do understand that you’re entering her land. Go equipped. Select the ones you want and impress her. She might discover a few of those, a little cheesy or corny. But we expect she understands your feelings and appreciates your effort.

35 Best Funniest Chemistry Pick Up Lines Ever

  1. My love for you is as strong as a covalent lattice.
  2. Excuse me, ma’am, does this cloth smell like chloroform to you?
  3. I want to stick to you like glucose.
  4. You’re hotter than a bunsen burner set to full power.
  5. I want to shoot my neutron into you so we can make lots of little molecules.
  6. You give me more jolt than mitochondria!
  7. If I were an enzyme, I’d be DNA helicase so I could unzip your genes.
  8. This tea needs some more C6 H12 O6… dip your finger in it.
  9. You are so attractive; I cannot help but form hydrogen bonds with you.
  10. You and I would undergo a more vigorous reaction then Potassium and water.
  11. Our relationship is like cesium. Explosive.
  12. Can I be the phasor to your electron and take you to an excited state?
  13. Let’s get married and live a life like monosaccharides. Sweet and straightforward.
  14. Hey, do you want to put your alpha helix in my beta barrel?
  15. If you were oxygen, I would be an alkali metal, so I could get in you and explode!
  16. I’m like a Sn2 reaction, and I come from behind.
  17. I have a smooth endoplasmic reticulum but know that I like it rough. If you understand what I mean.
  18. Girl you must be made of Florine, Iodine, and Neon because you are fine.
  19. I like your shape, how’d you like to form a complex organic transition state?
  20. You and I go together like sodium and chloride.
  21. Get ready for some s-p mixing, because my 2p(z) orbital is headed for your 2s orbital!
  22. You are hotter than sulfur hydroxide combined with ethyl acetate.
  23. Prepare for a few s-p blending, cause orbital!
  24. Do not trust atoms; they make everything up.
  25. Did you know that you could cool yourself to -273.15C and still be 0k?
  26. Old chemists never die, they simply quit responding.
  27. Billions of neutrinos permeate you each second. Mind if I join in?
  28. Let us meet someplace. You bring your beaker, and I Will bring my stick that is stirring.
  29. You are hotter when compared to a bunsen burner set to complete power!
  30. Are you a nonvolatile compound as you raise my boiling point?
  31. Will there be a science room nearby, or am I only feeling the chemistry between us?
  32. Hey, baby, your phasers has to be set to beautiful.
  33. Honey, we are a galvanic cell. Can not you feel the electricity flowing between us?
  34. How about we go back to my area and form a covalent bond?
  35. Scientists have lately found a rare new component called Beautium. It seems as if you’re made of it.

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