3 Reasons Why You Are NOT Getting The Second Date

3 Reasons Why You Are NOT Getting The Second Date

Let’s be honest today. Some of you just are not getting dates. Some of you are getting dates and never getting a second date. A lot of you think it’s them – it must be the woman’s fault.“I went out on the date, called her, and she didn’t want to go out again. I don’t understand.”I talked with my friend David Wygant (the USA nation’s leading dating expert and inspiration for the movie Hitch) about this. He says that you don’t understand the three crucial mistakes most men make:

Here’s Why You Didn’t Get a Second Date

#1. You’re probably not setting up a second date at the end of the first date, and you’re probably not getting her excited about seeing you again in that process.

#2. You’re probably not being yourself. You’re probably so nervous on the date that you don’t want to screw it up so guess what happens? You end up screwing it up. You screw it up because women are all about energy and feelings, and they can feel when a man is uptight and nervous.

#3. You’re not listening to what she says. You’re thinking too much about what to say and how to relate to her instead of listening and connecting with her.Most men make these three crucial mistakes.If you’re meeting women and getting a date, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be getting second, third fourth and fifth dates with the women you meet.It’s all about how you treat them on a date; it’s all about understanding how to seduce them on a date, and it’s all about knowing what women want on a date. Do You want to know what women want on a date?You want to know how to get not only a first date but how about the second and third date?Do You want to understand how to get her in your bed afterward?

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