5 Dating Tips That’ll Immediately Make You Better With Women

5 Dating Tips That’ll Immediately Make You Better With Women

What looks better, the hot cup of coffee or that finely tailored suit?I am not going to sugar coat anything or beat around the bush. Women can be a handful. They can be downright confusing. Just when you think you are giving them what they want, it turns out they don’t want it. Do we see a pattern here?Don’t get up in arms yet. Even though we haven’t completely figured out women, and we may never will, we have learned a couple of things that have been demonstrated time and time again to help guys improve their mindset and skills with women. I want to give five dating tips that have made a big difference in my life, as well as many others that I know.

Tip #1: Ditch The Needy Attitude, It’s Repulsive

This is critical to understand: neediness = turnoff! If you want women to run the other direction when they see you, send your calls to voicemail, and never return your text’s, become needy and clingy. Make her the center of your world. She will most assuredly do one of the previous actions. But since you were acting ridiculously needy, chances are you tried in person, and over the phone, so she probably did all three to you. The neediness stops here and now. Let me paint a little picture for you. If you think about someone who knows who is good with women, this could be someone you know, or you can even make it up (insert James Bond here), how do they go about handling women? Do they sit around waiting for their calls? Do they get upset when they don’t text them back immediately? If they reject their offer to do something, do they pout about it?No. A resounding no to every one of those questions. Just to explain, here are a few examples of poor behavior:
Calling or Messaging too often
Only doing things she wants to do to make her happy
Accommodating her every wish/demand
Telling her how beautiful she is if she hasn’t done anything to deserve it.
You get the idea. Now, you can get away with calling a woman beautiful, but the circumstances, as well as your mindset, must be on point. If you’re doing it just to try and score points with her, it’s considered needy, and you’re just attempting to suck up to her – no go, my friend.

Tip #2: Magical Opening Lines Don’t Matter

I don’t care what you tell yourself, the level of importance of the opener is minuscule. It’s tiny. It’s a non-issue. If you have gotten into the rule of not approaching because you “don’t know what to say” you have other obstacles to worry about. A pick-up line is an offensive term, and it should be eradicated from your vocabulary. Something far more accurate that has a lot less built in pressure is the “conversation starter.” The beauty of the conversation starter is that almost anything will work. It’s a versatile tool. And before you know it, you’ve already transitioned to something far more meaningful. If you have nothing premeditated to say. Go with something situational. Honestly, I prefer situation most of the time anyway. And if you can’t seem to muster something, at least, half attention-grabbing to say, try something like this, “Hi, my name is Mike, I saw you over here, and I just wanted to come over and say good morning.” Followed by an extension of your hand and a firm handshake. Believe it or not, this works wonders when done confidently. It is a little more direct then making a comment about something going on in your vicinity, and she’ll immediately know that you’re interested in her, but this can be a real thing. It’s extremely polarizing for one, and secondly, it’ll build some degree of attraction – showing you have the balls to approach her directly. Here’s the main point of this tip. The first few words out of your mouth are designed to grab attention and hook her interest. Once that’s accomplished, which could take as little as a few seconds, you’re transitioning to other topics. Here’s where you need to get your act together, it’s not how you open, it’s how you follow up that counts.

Tip #3: Acknowledge That Everyone Has Insecurities And Flaws (Especially Beautiful Women)

This is a critical point to remember because it’s often forgotten. That is that just like you, the women that you want to talk to, or are currently chatting with has flaws and insecurities too. And the kicker? The more beautiful she is, often, the more insecure she is. Just place yourself in the shoes of a lovely woman for a second. A strange thought, but play out this little role for a second. Firstly, you’re approaching 10’s of times per week. You are constantly interacting with strangers all the time. You are deemed beautiful by your friends and the people in your social circle, so you need to look the part. Everything has to be flawless all the time. But as a female, you don’t always feel great all the time. This throws you off mentally and emotionally. People’s expectations become annoying. Everything comes under to how you look, how your makeup looks, how you dressed, how your body is looking. It is overwhelming. You start to get insecure if you don’t look perfect – and thus, the spiral continues.Guys, if you want to hear this rant in the first person, the next time you’re speaking with very attractive women feel free to tread down this road, “Hey, I want to ask you a question. A friend of mine, she’s very attractive – she gets approached by guys all the time, and I was standing there chatting with my friends when a guy approached her, from what I overheard he paid her a compliment and said you’re beautiful, or something along those lines. Lone behold, she snapped. She ripped the guy a new one for only paying her a compliment. I thought it was a bit strange, but I guess the pressure of looking great all the time builds up in people. I’m curious, do you feel like there’s a lot of pressure on you to look a certain way all the time?” That is a very easy way to get her to tell you about the trials and tribulations of being beautiful – if you’ve never heard it for yourself. Long story short. Remember, everyone is insecure – we’re all in the same boat.

Tip #4: Become Interesting By Broadening Your Knowledge Base

If you just recently taught yourself how to code in C#, she probably doesn’t care. If you just binge watched three seasons of Game of Thrones, she’ll probably be more inclined to relate to you. Broadening your knowledge base and selecting proven topics that illicit female interaction and interest are vital. Having a broad knowledge base gives you more material to draw from, which is a significant benefit. If you just took a course or read a book on how to make sushi, that’s fantastic. Not only is it a food group many women love and can relate to, but it’s also an excellent skill to have. It opens up a variety of possible topics, running the food thread. Again we’ve touched on a crucial issue that women are often interested in. Let’s be honest, have you met a female who isn’t interested in food? I haven’t. Staying well read, taking courses, and continually expanding your knowledge will give you ample material to draw from. If you’ve ever spent time with a woman, and the conversation falls flat, first of all, we’ve all been there so don’t worry, but if it happens to you more than normal, having this valuable depth of knowledge will have you continuing conversations with much greater ease.

Tip #5: Date Multiple Women At A Time

I know, I know, you’ve been out a couple of occasions, and you’ve suddenly lost interest in other girls. You’re focused entirely on her. This tip is here specifically to keep you from getting single-minded and complacent. You must date multiple women at any given time. This is mandatory. Why? Because doing so helps prevent things like neediness, which often rears its ugly head if you’re only seeing one person at a time.Your behavior changes when you’re too invested and care too much. You start doing desperate things. You start calling more times then you should. If she’s busy, you begin to take it personally. Bad things happen when you make her the priority.Remember, women want to spend time with guys who are successful and have value. Guys who have value aren’t sitting around waiting for her to say yes or no. They’re out doing things. They’re having fun. They enjoy life, dating multiple women, and could care less if she says no. If she’s busy or turns you down, no biggie, you’ve got other stuff on the go. This is attractive. And when you display the qualities of “I can take it or leave it,” you’ll find she wants to spend more time with you. Surprise, surprise.
There it is. Beautiful and straightforward. Five easy dating tips to help strengthen your game with women.