Getting Laid The Natural Way

Getting Laid The Natural Way

Getting Laid The Natural Way

You: Hi, you are … [wait 1 sec] … really … [hold on 3 sec & stare her in the eyes] … beautiful. You are almost there now, the part where most of you are waiting for. Getting laid. Well, depends on your purpose of getting her on a date, getting laid may not be your ultimate goal. But still, I believe that many of you want to know how to get laid fast and easy and the natural way. Why do I say the natural way? The reason is simple. Because women love to have sex in an unexpected way. Everything just happens naturally and not because you and she have planned this. I am not saying women don’t love sex that are so-called “planned,” I am saying women prefer to have sex that comes naturally when they are out with a new guy.

So, now you know the importance of getting laid the natural way, let’s get the party rolling…Right, now you and she are on your way back from your date. So, you may be back at your house or maybe at her house. Both works fine, but I prefer that she be the one sending you home because this makes thing simpler.If it is already at night, take a quick at your watch and say that you are busy the next day, but she can come in only for a few minutes. This is super powerful as you are talking as if she is the one desperate to come into your house. This is something like a reverse psychology, and she will just come into your house without saying anything. WICKED! Hence, walk in and let her follow you.


As I mentioned before, be chivalrous and open the door for her. She will appreciate that, trust me. You are going to appreciate me for this. Once you are in her house, take her for a tour around your house. Once you are done with the touring, select a beautiful and comfortable spot like a couch or a bed to sit down. Talk to her and start a conversation. In the midst of a conversation, stop and let her talk. While she is talking, look at her. Lean back and relax and glance at her and looking away sometimes. Here’s come the arousal part. While she is talking, start stroking and touching her hair. If you see no resistance or any annoyed body language, you are probably on the right track. Hair stroking is something like a small test to see if she is ready for a more intense physical touch that is cuddling. When both of you are cuddling, start smelling her. Don’t smell her like you are a dog. Smell her a little first, starting from her shoulders.

touching her hair

Gradually increase your smelling while you are busy stroking and touching her hair. Next, move your smelling to her neck and ears. Never start kissing and touching her sensitive part when you are at this stage. Instead, relax and just enjoy the smelling. Continue doing this and she will get hot and turned on.When she get turned on, she will be the one wanting to kiss you. Let her lips touch yours just a little bit and again relax and move back a little. Continue with your smelling. A while later, kiss her and do the whole romantic kissing. Then back away again. When you back away, this time, you are already into her. Just do your job.

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