Things To Know About Getting Married

Things To Know About Getting Married

Things To Know About Getting Married

It wasn’t that long ago that getting married was simply the thing to do, especially when couples had been together for a long time. Society expected couples to marry and start their lives together rather than just moving in together and deciding later whether or not they wanted to get married. Today, there are probably as many couples living together as there are couples that are actually married to each other. Some religious sects still exist where marriage is the only way that two people can ever be alone together so you can see why those couples would be anxious to tie the knot as soon as possible. Though, considering the way the world is today, it’s a valid question as to whether marriage is just traditional or if it’s more practical for a couple.

Everyone knows that marriage is a time-honored tradition and goes back to biblical days, possibly even further than that. It was also an excuse for the people of a settlement or village to get together for a big party, and who doesn’t love a good party? Many marriage customs are quite beautiful and exciting to be a part of. But what you may want to ask yourself is if you’re getting married because it’s the traditional thing to do, or because you want to be legally tied to this person for the rest of your life. Many people, today, enter into marriage with the idea that if it doesn’t work out, there’s always divorce. Somehow, that seems to a rather negative and sad way to start out a marriage. Needless to say, that wasn’t what couples throughout the ages thought. In fact, there were even religious rules regarding divorce and still are.

Couples that truly love each other should just be allowed to get married, if that’s what they want, without thinking about any of the negative things. Removing true love and romance from marriage for a minute, there are some very real legal ramifications when you marry someone. Some of these are good and others not so good. Most royal families through the ages married for practical, rather than romantic, reasons. To begin with, you immediately take on each other’s credit issues, so if one of you has bad credit, the other one is brought along for that very bumpy ride. Single women are eligible for a lot more public assistance if they need it than men.

If this describes you, getting married will probably make you lose any benefits that you may have had. On the plus side, you’ll be able to get a bigger tax deduction when filing your taxes for the year. This can result in a more sizable refund. Also, you now have someone to go traveling with, spend time with, and you usually don’t have to despair about ever being lonely again. There are exceptions to that one, but at least, you know you’ve got someone to turn to if you really need them. If you and your companion are thinking about marriage, and you’re just not sure about it, sit down and create a list of all the pros and cons of getting married. While this isn’t something that the tradition calls for, it is a practical action these days.

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