How Do You Ask A Girl Out?

How Do You Ask A Girl Out?

How Do You Ask A Girl Out?

Most people are probably shy or have the fear talking to girls, and this is entirely natural. However, if you are one of these people, I’d suggest you dig into our VIP vault, we have step by step instruction for people who are having this problem, for you will not benefit from this method here. It is highly recommended you get rid of this problem first if you are looking to improve your attraction. Regardless what answer you chose for the poll above, I am now going to share my best method to ask a girl out in our opinion. My strategy tends to be very indirect, by that I mean you try to sound like you are not picking her up, there’s a reason for this but feel free to alter my process and follow your flow.


Ask A Girl Out

First thing first, you find a target that you want to attract. A girl similar to your interest would be great. For example, if you like music, a girl listening to her iPod in the park will be an easy target for you since you already know your subject.



When you approach the girl, make sure that you do not show a sign that you are hitting on her. Trying hard to keep her talking or showing off what you know is a big no-no, learn how to apply negative body language like if you are sitting on a bench with her, just sit normally and in relax position. And when you talk, don’t stare just occasionally look at her. If you can’t seem to build a connection here, move on and say have a nice day.



Assuming that she does not think that you are hitting on her, that’s a good sign, continue conversing about just any topic. The main point is to build connection; this is why similar interest helps. In this example, as you talk about music, you will have to keep the conversation going to positive direction like asking what kind of music she like most, when’s the best time to listen to these music. Anything that could make her happy and laughing just talking about it will be perfect.

High Note


Sometimes we can easily lose ourselves in time, but from my experience, talking longer isn’t necessarily good. This is because rapport building is not the most important thing in attraction. I can’t explain this now because this will be another long topic to write, but if you want to get the best chance to ask her out, it should be at the peak of your conversation. The part where you guys are having the most fun, of course, how high the note entirely depends with your flirting and conversation skills.


Couple goodbye

When you are on the high note, just make your exit, and you’ll be leaving her with a great impression, you’ll get higher chances when she’s feeling good about the moment, this is why you want to keep the conversation fun, common sense right? To make the exit, I just tell her that I have some business to attend to, and then follow up with a simple question asking her something like if there’s another perfect time for us to meet again, are you willing to meet again? Then get her number and leave with a smile. The rest is up for you to plan.And there you go, it’s not so hard to follow these steps is it? Do this more and more, and I’m sure one day you’ll pile tons of girls.

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