How To Attract Women

How To Attract Women

How To Attract Women Towards You Easily

We all have our ideal women that want, and when we share that ideal with someone, some people will tell what they want realistically, others will tell you their fantasies. Women are no exception, hence is it logical to ask for their opinion for the truth? Well, before you answer that please read on for a bit longer. Our experience from talking and dating to many girls, we realized that asking isn’t necessarily the best practice to find out about this truth, the action is. The more you come in touch with women, the more you can sense what they are attracted to. And no, it isn’t about money, not your height, and neither is about your looks. Well except if you like hard challenges, then maybe you can handicap yourself by being looking unacceptable. But if you are around average and you aren’t getting as much attraction, you probably are lacking in these:

Body Language

Even in the naked form of our human body, there is something to tell about how your walk, how you see, how you listen, the list just goes on. We do not need to understand everything about body language to conceive a person’s personality, and that’s the beauty of it. Even so, not all of us try to study and observes how we all move, and because of that, it’s only natural that most people do not even know if they are having or not having beautiful body language. I am simply not going to cover this topic in great detail because it will then be a long post, but if you have been made realized the importance of good body language, I hope you can take the initiative and find a real source, and learn more about this. With more knowledge, you will be able to observe and see better than other men, it will benefit you from improving your self as well as reading what women wants and then give them what they want.

Conversation Skills

The art of talking has long been a dark art. All of us are brought up just to use the language as a mean to communicate what we want to convey. But the art of teasing and flirting is what separate you from being an ordinary guy to an attractive guy. Now because we don’t usually tease or flirt with our family, like most people, it’s common that you have close to zero idea of how to start. Guys who are naturally good at this are of course not born with it but had the golden chance to learn it in the right environment. So it will be a good idea to submerge yourself with a lot of relevant material to get your foot wet, before learning to swim and dive. Again, teaching you how to improve conversation skills in this one post is just not going to happen, if you know that you don’t have this, that’s a good reason to tell why women aren’t attracted to you.


Anthony Robbins, one of the world best motivational speaker, mentioned that our mind defines everything that we talk and do. Essential, it is the core fundamental built in us as we grow up as we pick up from a different path of our lives. Every thought patterns and the decision comes from what we believe, and ultimately define who we are, and what others perceive us. If you haven’t realized yet how a seer simple mindset shift can change you as a person, you are missing out a lot in total self-empowerment. We all can be more than who we are if only we dare to explore something outside from us. Because when you truly have a similar mindset as someone’s successful, there would be no one stopping you from being success, because you are already a successful being. Of course, it may not be as easy as it seems, the point is, we’ve got to learn and emulate the right mindset. For having the right mindset will truly multiply your success. So in the end, how to attract women? I wish I could say pheromone or some love potion, but no. We’ve seen, richer guys, good looking guys, taller guys, yet they can’t compete with guys who have the above requisite in attracting women. I hope this answers your question, you decide which direction you should be investing.

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