How To Flirt With Guys

How To Flirt With Guys

How To Flirt With Guys

It’s time to learn how to flirt with guys. There are specific body language and conversational methods that you can employ. Here are a few simple ones:

Shake His Hand With Your Both Hands

As he reaches for your hand, give him the other and pause for a moment, making sure that he is staring at you while you give him a charming smile that will surely linger in his mind. This will definitely surprise your target guy. Be sure to follow up with an interesting question that will start the conversation.

Pretend To Smooth A Wrinkle In His Shirt

Guys surely love to be touched. Do this trick by first leaning in close to him, then touch his shirt as if you’re trying to smooth the wrinkles off it. While doing so, hold his gaze for about 2 seconds and bite your lip, and then look down. You’ve just sent a clear signal that you want him, and he’s surely going to pick up on that (how quickly depends on his social prowess).

Play The Question Game

Keep your guy wanting more of you with a guessing game, asking him what he thinks would be an exciting out-of-town trip for both of you and why he picked that particular place. This will surely leave his thoughts wandering, which will let him discover how fun and exciting that trip could actually be. As you speak, moderate your voice with a low tone; talk softly and slowly, almost as soft as whispering into his ear.

The Winning Look

Here’s exactly how to do it: look at him from head to toe, and slowly nod approvingly to give him a hint that you are enjoying what you see. Don’t forget to give that charming smile, too.

That’s it. With just these methods you’ve just learned how to flirt with guys, any guy!

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