Starting A Conversation With A Girl

Starting A Conversation With A Girl

Starting A Conversation With A Girl

For some reason most people who ask me, this question are either have fear talking to a girl or do not know what to say. Without trying to justify anything here, these reasons are commonly based on fear, whether it’s fear of saying the wrong word, or fear of being rejected, the list goes on. Some people associate fear with something bad, so they will not admit that they are in fear of something, and also will accept that fear is stopping them from doing what they want. Before I move on further, let me assure you that fear is just a feeling we all have and is, natural to have. It’s a feeling that can guide you to solve your every problem, ONLY IF you acknowledge them. This is beginning to sound like very zen-ish, but it’s all true. If you actually identify your fear and confront them, there should be nothing to stop you. Please know what you are fear of, so you may see how to deal it precisely. Getting back to the topic, starting a conversation with a girl should be the same as talking to a guy. You should already know that most women will act and put up their bitch shield when they noticed someone is trying to pick them up, so don’t be those guys, unless you know what you are doing, and then you can perhaps break the rules. With this advice, I think I can close this already, but I’m sure some of you still are not satisfy with this short and simple answer. So fine, if you need more info to convince you, here’s a list of tips:

Throw Away Any Expectation

It’s like a burden because the moment you expect yourself to get her number or sleep with her, and you’ll run the chance of being rejected. With no expectation, how can there be rejection?! Hope that make sense. Most people say that the challenge is to learn how not to expect when you approach a girl because it comes naturally as you speak with them right? Not really, this has to do with mindset. When you are bored and you just talk with your guy friend, do you expect anything else? No. You just dive in and see what happens. This is the difference between, being natural and trying to be natural. Don’t expect you to understand this, go and dive in and you’ll soon find it out.

Be More Observant

If you don’t even know how you start a conversation with your friend, chances are you probably don’t have good conversation skills. Nothing wrong being an introvert or lacking the skills to start a conversation; everyone got to start somewhere right? So Instead of learning new pick up lines or new openers, I’m going to suggest you to try to be more observant on how you or others start a conversation. This way, you’ll learn how to observe everything around your environment more, then start applying what you observed to anyone, both male and female. Sooner or later, you’ll be able to talk to anyone you wish or like. The best part is, this method works in every culture! So use what you already have.

Stop Finding The Perfect Way

You won’t believe how many people have tried to find various methods of doing something, hope to find that one golden formula that can transform your life in just one go. I was in this position before, in fact, I read so much yet did nothing, in the end, I had nothing. So wouldn’t it be smart just to start taking action, go talk, socialize, and I guarantee you that every problem you have, will auto correct itself along the way! Use as little information you got, and take action as much as you can. After all, you want to get laid with women and not some theory and knowledge. Again, stop chasing shiny stuff, use what you got here. After you have learned starting a conversation with a girl, then come back and learn how to do the rest of the seduction. It might take you months to be comfortable, but do it!

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