How to Use Pick Up Lines?

How to Use Pick Up Lines?

How to Use Pick Up Lines?

So you need to learn how to use pick up lines? First let me explain what is pick up line, so we are on the same page before we move on further, seemingly there are a lot of different definition about pick up line. Some even call it banter line, chat up line, opener but to me, these all should fall under pick up lines. Pick up line isn’t just a conversation opener or to show romantic interest, according to wiki it is but we all know that it’s not the best idea to ask for wiki’s advice. So what is pick up lines you asked?

If you’ve had this definition all this while, it’s time to change. Like how we use words to communicate, the more vocabulary we have, the better we can converse intellectually. Pick up lines are like the vocabularies to speak with women, you use it when you want to start a conversation, in the middle of a conversation where you want to tease or flirt with women. Naturally your library of vocabulary does matter when you are trying to seduce. And just like how every word can mean, pick up lines has its own personality and meaning.

If you want to use a pick up line, you MUST make sure that your tones and body language is complimenting your line. For example, “Did you just fart? Because you blew me away?” This line is ridiculous and cheesy, and it is meant to be that way. Most people use it in the beginning as the opener, where it’s the hardest in both timings and getting the mood right. It is just amusing to see how people using pick up lines blindly.

Allow me to illustrate this a little better. Say that you are in the middle of a conversation with a girl, but the conversation is just too stall and serious, she is responding to your questions, but yet it feels like an interview. The moment she made a shocking comment, you stop and sniff, and say, “Did you just fart?” Of course, she will say no, and then you finish your line, “Because that really blew me away!” She will be surprised by that, and you can continue to tease her even more. Can you see how you can use this line to alleviate some tension here?

Boy if you really know how to use pick up lines correctly, you will savor every pick up lines there is, and learn to make your own! And if you haven’t yet understand a word I’m saying, read this from the start, you might get it.

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