Online Dating Profile Examples

Online Dating Profile Examples

Tips For Creating a Dating Profile and Some Online Dating Profile Examples

In this article, we will discuss the complicated world of online dating, give tips on how to create the most successful dating profile and even give some examples of good dating profiles if you need a little help.

Creating an online dating profile for women and creating a profile for men are a little bit different, but have some key components. The first and most major for anyone is to be honest about the big stuff. If you fudge your weight ten pounds here or there or say you like Schindler’s List when you can’t stand it, that’s one thing. But to lie about big stuff, like whether or not you smoke, your political and religious beliefs, and even things like your height is a really big deal and will severely impact how any dates that you get from use of the profile turn out.

We’ll start with what to write on a dating profile, especially with women in mind, talking about some online dating profile examples to attract men in particular. Just like if you met an attractive stranger at a party, you’d be flirty and fun, and a dating profile is no different. It sounds a little harsh, but it’s you marketing yourself to any potential matches you might have, and you want to show off your best side. Firstly, be exciting! Determining what your best qualities are and talking about them confidently is your best bet in attracting whoever you’re interested in.

Secondly, be creative! Come up with fun and interesting scenarios that will allow a potential mate to envision themselves doing those things with you. Be sure to maintain an aura of mystery; nobody needs to know everything about you right off the bat. That’s what the second date is for!

Don’t speak in terms of ‘I’; that gets boring awfully fast. Have you ever been a party and all anyone can talk about is “I do this, I do that?” You can’t wait for someone to come and rescue you. With online dating profiles, it’s estimated that you have about 10 seconds to snag someone’s interest; much better to make the most of it than to squander it talking about yourself.

When you’re talking about something that’s interesting for other people to read, it’s crucial use proper grammar and spelling. It reflects poorly on you if your profile is riddled with grade school mistakes, and with the overwhelming number of people any potential mates are no doubt wading through, they’re not going to be very inclined to parse out your their/they’re/there and your/you’re mistakes.

Try to restrain yourself when writing your profile. It’s tempting to say you’re looking for your soul mate, that you love long walks on the beach and Pina coladas, but it’s much better to have restraint. In particular, saying you’re looking for a soul mate it over done. Men, in particular, say they see this on even otherwise good online dating profiles, and it doesn’t mean anything anymore. Everyone is looking for happiness, for someone to spend the rest of their lives with, so saying it is unnecessary. As a side note, mentioning sex in your profile is not very classy, and will attract the wrong kind of partner while turning off the kind you’re looking for. Best to keep it subtle, innuendo at most, and save the dirty talk for later.

Limit empty platitudes; wanting an “intelligent, compassionate, fun-loving” partner means nothing, to be frank. Everyone can see those qualities in themselves; it’s much better to be specific, but do not use lists of negatives. Nobody wants someone who’s negative right off the bat, so instead list what you are looking for instead of what you’re not.

Additionally, don’t brag, particularly about your looks. If you have pictures in your profile (and they accurately reflect what you look like), people will be able to see what you look like. Extolling your virtues will only make you seem conceited.

It seems shallow, but one bad picture in your photo gallery can throw off even the most interested of suitors. Just imagine yourself scrolling through someone’s photos… they look devastatingly attractive in 6 of them, but in the 7th, they look like a demon just crawled from the underworld. Unless that’s the look you’re going for, and the sort of partner you’re hoping to attract, it’s important to ensure that you look your best in every photo.

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