Pick Up Lines That Work

Pick Up Lines That Work

Creating Chemistry, Starting Relationships, And Pick Up Lines That Work

For a society and advanced as America’s we still have a long way to go in working on our relationships. For example, a Frenchman need only say a few words to a woman in a restaurant or club, and they both walk away together for a night of dancing and excitement, which leaves us nine to fivers gnashing our teeth in frustration while watching from the sidelines.

However, this need not be the case, with a little coaching you too can meet someone and whisk them off their feet with a few well-chosen phrases and knowing how to deliver them accurately. There is no black magic involved.

Instead, you want to use your language to attract and fascinate a woman so that she will see you as someone fun and that she intends to be with. That is the beginning of a real relationship.

First Things First

A woman has better vision than you do, and her ears are much more sensitive to the nuances in your phraseology then you are aware of. Women also make use of their peripheral vision better than men.

So, here is the first rule “First Impressions are easy to MAKE & almost impossible to change.”

You need to make that critical few seconds work for you, not against you. To do that you need to.

Change your lines

Now you need to use “pick lines that work.” Women are attracted to men that witty and funny. You don’t have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger or look like a Spartan from 300. (Even though it couldn’t hurt things)

Just use some of these lines:

This set them against each other and drives a wedge between them. They end up competing for your attention.

Another line that works is where you feign being tired and walk up to your target and say: “Suizie3124? Sorry I’m late getting across town was rough, and traffic was awful. But now I’m here so what happing?” That is called the confusion technique and breaks the ice, which allows you to get past her initial defenses.

If you see a woman sitting alone walk by her and make a comment like: “What did you do? Something naughty, I bet. Now you’re hiding out? Right?” Remember to smile with a mischievous little boy look of someone sharing a secret. That should make her laugh. That allows you to use another opening line.

You can also use Phrasal Ambiguity, Nesting, and Building Rapport

One of the reasons some men can talk with women so well is that they arouse curiosity. This curiosity draws a woman into your zone. Milton Erickson and Richard Bandler both have used this by using incorrect syntax and pausing to significant effect.

For example, when you see a woman you’d like to talk to her. Go to her and just say, “Wow, Look at all the losers here tonight!” and smile knowingly at her. Pause and don’t finish the phrase.

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