Pick Up Lines That Work

Pick Up Lines That Work

Watch the eyes, and you see her mind go into a waiting state that means it’s ok to continue talking. You don’t even have to have a rehearsed story.

You’ll see immediately if her curiosity is aroused and then create a story within a story. Ask her what she’s doing here wasting her time? Then switch tactics and ask her how she got her hair so flawless. By building layers of the story on top of a story without finishing the first one, you will KEEP her curiosity aroused, and this is what kept Scheherazade alive for 1001 nights. It can also get you where you want to be with the object of your attention.

Keep nesting story, humor, and questions then soon you’ll have her tell you about herself. That is what you want. The more she opens up to you the more you can feed it back to her either with encouraging comments or by just nodding your head. You’re building rapport and getting past her defenses.

From here, small talk and humor are the best routes to take, keeping her laughing. You can then start using open-ended questions that bring you into her picture. Things like “If we were to climb Everest together, what wine would we take?” This ambiguity forces her mind into the direction of you and she being together in her imagination. The more you can get her to picture you two together strengthens your rapport and bonding.

There are 52 opening lines you can use and by filling in the blanks with what you want to say or other appropriate remarks will make here think you’re just her type

Pick up lines that work are on based Phrasal Ambiguities here are some of the 52 that were created by Erickson that you can use are:

I’m curious to know…
I wonder if you could image us…
Have you ever thought about?
Did you ever dream about?
What if we.
Could you image a scene in which we? (used earlier)
How would it feel if you? That sets her up for Kino and touch
Sooner or later. Here is a fantastic start for something like: “Eventually you’ll meet a different guy that is a lot like me. Then what would you do?”

To use pickup lines that work, they have to sound natural and not as if you’ve memorized them like most guys who go to all those websites watch the videos. You have to look natural and by using these fragments of speech and completing them with your common words lets it all sound natural without sounding contrived. Milton Erickson created an entire repertoire of these bits of phraseology.

It is now called the Milton Model, and it is used for covert persuasion. At the end of this article, you’ll find a resource that lets you learn it, and with a little practice you’ll sound reasonable and yet she’ll go along with your suggestions.

The Secret is in Building Rapport with your voice

That is the real secret of building a relationship. The use of nested imagery, Rapport, and pick up lines that use Phrasal Ambiguity all working together will help you create chemistry and creates a connection. From that point, she’ll want to take you out dancing and having fun.

Some more phrases that will build rapport can be found at. https://www.scribd.com/doc/20656494/Zebu-Hypnotic-Language-Card-Game

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