Hot And Nasty Dentist Pick Up Lines to Share With Your Dentist

Hot And Nasty Dentist Pick Up Lines to Share With Your Dentist

Are you attracted to your dentist or maybe you’re a dentist who wants to flirt with that hot patient? These dentist pick up lines could work for both dentist and their patients.

18 Cool Dentist Pick Up Lines To Help You Flirt With Your Dentist

Hey, girl! Semen contains zinc and calcium, both of which are proven to prevent tooth decay.

Are you a dentist cause you’re so sweet, I’m getting cavities?

Are you a dentist because you leave a bad taste in my mouth?

Your teeth are cute. You look like you regularly floss.

I’m like a dentist; I’ll drill you and fill you.

Your enamel is not the only thing that’s hard.

You’re so sweet. I’m getting a toothache just looking at you.

Hey, baby, I’m a dentist. Why don’t you lie back and let me fill your cavities?

You have a beautiful smile. Can I be your dentist?

Your gums look sensitive. Let me stab them with this prison shank.

You have lovely teeth you must be a dentist.

Aye babe! Do you want to get drilled?

Hello there little lady, Looks like you’ve got a hole that needs filling.

Is your father a dentist?” Girl: no, why.? “Because you have a Beautiful smile.”

I wish you were my teeth so that I could grind you in my sleep.

Why would you drill my teeth when you could drill these cheeks.

He Sexy! I’m going to drill you so hard that you’ll bleed.

So if your dentist is hot, then you can hit him with these sweet dentists pick up lines.

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