The Funniest Dog Pick Up Lines Only Pup Parents Will Get

The Funniest Dog Pick Up Lines Only Pup Parents Will Get

Do you have an eye on that hot girl who’s out walking her dog every day? You don’t know how to start a chat. You want to approach her but don’t know what to say. Don’t worry, we’ve selected the perfect dog pick up lines just for you.

I came here looking for a little tail.

Is it warm in here, or are you in heat?

I’ll sniff your butt if you smell mine.

I’ll trade you my dog for that piece of your pants to fix my pants.

Whoa! Look at THOSE puppies!

I must be a Dog Tick because I’m stuck on you.

When I say ‘bitch,’ I mean it as a compliment!

Wow, my dog seems to like you.

Hey baby, meeting you has given me a new leash on life.

Baby, you are what I call a hot dog!

Come on, don’t make me beg!

Hey there, beautiful. Looking for an Alpha dog?

If I were a dog would you help me bury my bone?

Hey Gorgeous, can I buy you a liver treat?

I’ve got the hot dog, and you’ve got the buns.

Did you win “best in show”? Because you sure are a winner to me.

Knick-knack, Paddy-wack, you just gave this dog a bone.

Can I bring my dog?

Since chocolate is toxic to me, how about a little sugar?

Make sure to take out your puppy while using these dog pick up lines. It will sound more natural and will help you begin a talk quicker.

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