Top 19 Dumb Pick Up Lines So Stupid They’re Actually Funny

Top 19 Dumb Pick Up Lines So Stupid They’re Actually Funny

People loves dumb pick up lines because they find it hilariously funny and so much joy reading them. Beware, because using these dumbest pick up lines might get you in trouble or the fact is that some of them may work.

Hey baby, let’s make like pirates so I can shiver your timbers.

Love you cutie pie. Sorry, I’ll think of a better one than a cutie pie. You’re my angel dust. Oh sorry, that’s a drug.

Hey, baby, I have the longest tongue in the world. Wanna try?

If I had a nickel for every time I saw someone as beautiful as you; I’d have exactly five cents.

Are you a fruit because Honeydew you know how beautiful you look right now?

Hey, Baby”, Haven’t these women ever seen “Johnny Bravo”?

Hey girl, do you love WWE? Do you want a wrestler with me tonight?

Hey, baby, I can do magic with my fingers. Wanna try?

Hey girl, are you a gorilla exhibit because I want to drop a kid in you.

Are you a doctor? Because well I dunno where I was going with this.

I’m not Asian, but I’ll still eat your pussy.

Hey, girl, I got three legs. Wanna see?

Babe, you look like a swap, can I take you out?

What’s something that your ex did that you’ll never forget?

Hey baby, wanna play with my balls?

Hey, girl, are you feeling like you’ve experienced this situation before because I’m going to (déjà) woo you.

I think you and me are like hot chocolate and marshmallows. Because you are hot and I want to be on top of you until I melt.

My love for you burns stronger than any UTI.

You look like a foetus ready to be aborted, can I hang with you?

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