One Liner Fat Pick Up Lines To Use On Curvy And Plus Size Girls

One Liner Fat Pick Up Lines To Use On Curvy And Plus Size Girls

Do you love fat, curvy and plus size girls? Use these fat pick up lines to make a hit on curvy and fat girls. These pickup lines will make them realize why they deserve to be loved.

Good Cheesy Fat Pick Up Lines To Flirt With Fat Overweight Women

Hey, Girl please don’t stop. Keep flaunting that curves!

Babe, you look like a bottle a maple syrup.Thick and tasty.

Hey beautiful, don’t be selfish and cover your curves.

I love my chicks curvy and dirty.

Are you a fat girl? I wouldn’t complain picking you up, but gravity wouldn’t allow me to do the job.

If we get wedded, and you become fat, I’ll make love to you once a month.

Get over here and squish some of this fat, girl.

I feel like a fat kid going upstairs because your looks are breathtaking.

you got an ass, so fat let’s make a baby.

Hey, there would you like to butter my rolls.

I want you like a fat kid wants cake.

Did you use an ability capsule Since you went from thick fat to shed skin?

Hey babe, want to see where my fat man Montana can go?

Hey, I love my six packs so much that’s why I hide it with a layer of fat.

Are you saturated fat?because you’re dangerous to my heart.

Girl, does this suicide vest make me look fat?

Hey, girl, your ass must be an avocado because that’s the right kind of fat.

You have gorgeous toes. Like deflated balloons.

Damn girl, you have such a high concentration of fat on your chest.

Hey, fathead, I like your chunky middle, want to see my long tail?

Does your boyfriend cook for you? I want to make you fat like Oprah.

Only a real guy can appreciate curvy and plus size girls with these fat pick up lines.

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