Top 23 Fish Pick Up Lines To Catch Some Sexy Big Fishes

Top 23 Fish Pick Up Lines To Catch Some Sexy Big Fishes

Take a look at these exotic fish pick up lines and after that send us your most pleasant chat up lines related to sea world.

Um, I believe there’s a genuinely fresh fish tank upstairs if you want to see it.

Hey girl, Can you show me how to fish?

Hey baby, Can you please hold my rod?

Are you tuna, because you’re the only fish that I see.

You look like a trout, baby, and I want to catch you.

Hey, baby, you know the fish isn’t the only catch here.

Hey pretty woman, would I be able to purchase you a fish sandwich?

Are you a fish because I want to be an aquarium so we can be together.

Hey baby, if I were a fish I’d be hooked on you.

There are plenty of fish in the sea, I see you with me.

Are you a queen or fish bait?

Out of all the fish in the sea, you’re the only one good looking enough for me.

Hey babe, are you a jellyfish because I think you don’t have a brain.

Do you like fish and chips?

I visited an aquarium today. I saw a fish there and thought of you.

Hey girl, Are you a whale? Cause you’ve got a nice blow hole.

There may be a million fish in the sea, but there is only one you.

Boy, you swim around this reef often.

Is your name Ariel because you smell like fish.

You’re the fish out of the various fishes in the sea that I need.

There’s a considerable amount of fish in the ocean, and I’m starving. Let’s eat.

Hey baby, are you a fish? Because you like FINtastic.

I like shellfish, and you look like a lobster. Let’s date.

Hope you’ll catch all the sexy big fishes with these excellent fish pick up lines.

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