Gross Pick Up Lines

Gross Pick Up Lines

This page share some of funniest gross pick up lines you could ever find on the internet. Please be informed that these disgusting and awkward pick up lines will make you puke.

Gross Pick Up Lines That Are Funniest And Disgusting

gross pick up lines 1

Ya wanna drink my milk, Livvy. If you’re lucky, there’ll be food in the straw.

gross pick up lines

I wish I was toilet paper so I could touch your butt.

good pick up lines

You smell like trash. May i take you out.

dirty pick up lines

You and I are like butt-cheeks. We may have crap between us, but we always stick together!

bad pick up lines

You’re about as gross as a fit person naked.

dumb pick up lines

If you were a booger I’d pick you first.

inappropriate pick up lines

If you were an STI I’d never get rid of you.

hilarious pick up lines

I don’t eat white food. It reminds me of sperm.

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