Funniest Geology Pick Up Lines Ever To Flirt With a Geologist

Funniest Geology Pick Up Lines Ever To Flirt With a Geologist

Browse geology pick up lines and best chat up lines about geology on A collection of sweet pick up lines to say to a guy or a girl.

Hey, baby, I won’t take you for granite.

You and I must be like two tectonic plates because when we cross paths, you know something is bound to happen.

Girl, are you the majority of my degree topics because you confuse and excite me.

Why do they call me a geologist? Because if you don’t take off your pants ill bury you under 6 tons of rock.

I hope you’re a geology major because I need you to take a look at this rock in my pants.

Hey, baby are you a metamorphic rock because your state changes with temperature and pressure.

Hey, baby are you a xenolith because you would look out of place in my bed.

Are you a sample of carbon because I’d like to date you.

You’ remind me of longshore drift, Because you just swept me away.

Do you want to go behind that rock, and get a little boulder?

Can I have your number so I can ‘texture’?

I’ll let you test my hardness if I can test your cleavage.

If there were an earthquake in my heart, you’d be the epicenter.

Hey, girl, I’m digging your Asthenosphere right now because you got some tight bonds.

I don’t know much geology, but I sure do know that I can rock your world.

Are you hydrochloric acid because you’re making my limestone fizz.

Hey, Baby, you’re hotter than magma and have more cleavage than a sheet silicate.

Girl, you’re finer than pyroclastic ash.

If you were a fossil, I’d date you.

Are you an aftershock of an earthquake because I think I’m falling for you all over again.

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