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Funny Pick up Lines For Girls

Funny Pickup Lines For Girls

Funny Pick Up Lines For Girls To Use On Boys

Welcome to the Huge collection of Pick up Lines For Girls you could ever find on internet. Great pick up lines that actually work for girls.

I’m sorry I didn’t get you a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day, but if you want something sweet I’m right here.

Hey sweetheart, can I oil your piston?

You remind me of a Twinkie. Every time I bite into you, you cream in my mouth.

Is your name country crock, cause you can spread me anytime.

You’re so hot ; a firefighter couldn’t put you out .

Are you a dictionary? (Why?) Because you just gave me the definition of Gorgeous.

Could you please step away from the bar ? You’re melting all the ice.

I may not be Dairy Queen, baby, but I’ll treat you right!

Hey, you look like a big strong guy. You think you could handle my pussy or is it too much for you?

I will be a Dixie Chick and you be my cowboy… now take me away!

I’m wearing Revlon Colorstay Lipstick, want to help me test the claim that it won’t kiss off?.

Are you a burger cuz you can be the meat between my buns.

Put a dollar bill on your head and when he asks what you did that for tell him its all you can eat for under a dollar.

Do you eat tacos? (yes, why?) Because my Taco Bell is open.

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