The Most Funny Hetalia Pick Up Lines For Hetalia: Axis Powers Fans

The Most Funny Hetalia Pick Up Lines For Hetalia: Axis Powers Fans

America: Damn girl, if you were a transformer, you’d be called Optimus Finnnnneeee.

America: Disney World is in Florida because that’s where the magic happens.

America: “We the people of the United States of America, to make a perfect union declare that you date me, Captain America.”

America: Instead of fries can I have a side order of you?

America: Looks like you need a hero, can I be him?

America: Hey, babe!I was planning on eating a cheeseburger later, but now I found something better to eat. 😉

America: So I can tell my friends that an angel touched me.

America: Hey, baby. How would you like to stimulate my economy?

America: “I feel a hurricane brewing somewhere in Florida.” *wiggles eyebrows.*

Australia: I’m like a boomerang. I keep on coming back

Austria (Roderich Edelstein): “Let me help you hit those high notes.”

Belarus: If I squint hard, you look like Russia.

Belgium: You’re as sweet as the chocolate on Belgian waffles!

Belgium: People say I make the best chocolate, but I think it’s best all over my body. 😉 ( -_- )

Canada: You’re better than a gold metal since I can bring you home even if I lose.

Canada: Most people usually never see me besides Prussia, but tonight I’ll show you something that he’ll never see.

China: How would you like to visit the Great Wall of China?

China (Yao Wang): “I usually bang people with my woks, but I’ve got something else to bang you with.”

China: Hello,aru~Usually I bang people’s head with my wok, but tonight I’ll bang something else. 😉 ( -_- )

Denmark: If you were beer, I’d drink you all night!

Denmark: I’m not drunk, your beauty just intoxicates me!

Egypt: I hope you don’t mind sand in everything.

England (Arthur Kirkland): “Can I Slytherin between your legs.?”

England: I love you so much I’ll never cook for you.

England: Evening, love.I have seen plenty of fairies in my day, but none so sweet as you.

Estonia: I’m going to treat you like my paperwork. I’ll throw you on my desk and do you all night.

Finland: You’ve been too good this year. Let me help you earn that coal.

France (Francis Bonnefoy)?: “Mon Dieu, you’re gorgeous! Have any French in you? No? Would you like some.?”

Germany: Do you want to know why they call me a drill Sargent?

Greece: Hi.I was planning to sleep with my cats, but I decided I’ll sleep with you instead.

Hong Kong: You’re as cute as a panda.

Hungary: My favorite pairing? Me and you of course!

Ireland: I know this sounds typical but kiss me, I’m Irish.

Japan: *blushing profusely*Konichwa. I-I was planning on c-creating a h-h-hent-tai this evening,b-but I would much rather create one with you.

Korea: Everything is made in Korea, so make sex with Korea!

Latvia: Don’t blame me for falling in love! You’re the one who tripped me.

North-Italy: Hey Bella!~Say, how about a we do something together!No,not-a in the kitchen! 😉 (Gasp!Venizano!)

Poland: You are like, totally fabulous!

Poland: You look fabulous from the neck up, but let me see how amazing you look from the chest down.

Prussia: “Your @ss is almost as awesome as mine!” me: *facepalm*

Romania: They say vampires sparkle, but they haven’t met you yet

Sealand: Do you come with tartar sauce because you’re a great catch!

Switzerland: I suppose I can tell you what makes my hair so soft.

Switzerland: You’re as beautiful as the Swiss Alps.

Spain: Ever have a bull fight in bed?

Spain: “Tomatoes are red, the sky is blue, I am a matador who loves you!”

Turkey: The price of borrowing my mask? One date.

Ukraine: One of my buttons popped off. Can we go search for it at your place?

If your brain just came up with more Hetalia pick up lines, then share it with us.

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