History Pick Up Lines Dirty And Funny

History Pick Up Lines Dirty And Funny

Welcome to the best history pick up lines you could ever find on the internet. These old pickup lines will let you know the secret of getting laid in ancient times.

I wager if Jefferson had met you, he would have vetoed the Non-Intercourse Act.

It is safe to say that you are Lee Harvey Oswald since you blow my mind off.

I have the perfect dressing for you if you let me toss your salad. – Caesar

I’m no James Monroe, yet I can give you an Era of Good Feelings.

My love for you is as contagious as the Black Plague.

You are as hot as the Great Fire of London.

Like the USSR in 1991, I’m falling for you girl.

Like the French at the Bastille, I’d storm the gates for you.

Girl, this evening you’ll be similar to Ben Franklin. You’re going to find electric power.

Hey, girl! I am falling for you like Berlin wall.

Is your name Amundsen since I need you to investigate my south pole.

I’d stop the world and send Lewis and Clark to search for you.

Do you want to go to my palace and talk about Big Stick Diplomacy?

Need to know why they call me Titanic? Because when I go down, the women dependably get off first.

Did you develop the plane? Cause you appear Wright to me.

Hey girl, with that huge round ass, I could cruise into your sea and ride you all the way to China – Columbus

Hey, girl! If you were a president, you’d be Babe-raham Lincoln.

Did you know the ancient Romans used halved lemons as a form of birth control?

You are the Renaissance to my Dark Ages, and you light up my world, girl.

You can call me Lincoln because I’m going to liberate you from those jeans.

I must be identified with Ben Franklin. I’ve recently found some power between us.

If you were on Pearl Harbor, they would’ve thrown flowers instead of bombs.

Do you want to join the 10-foot high club? – Wright Brothers

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