Funny Boyfriend Girlfriend Jokes

Funny Boyfriend Girlfriend Jokes

Funny Boyfriend Girlfriend Jokes

Do you have a girlfriend who tells you the best jokes about a boyfriend? Now it’s your turn to tell her the best girlfriend jokes to make her smile. Some girlfriends don’t love jokes so be careful.


A boyfriend and a girlfriend were in a relationship since high school. When they graduated, they both wanted to go to the same school in any case. The young lady was acknowledged to a school on the East Coast, and the gentleman went to a school on the West Coast. They consented to be faithful to one another and to spend at whatever time they could together.

As time went on, the gentleman would call the young lady, and she would never be home, and when he thought of, she would take weeks to give back the letters. Notwithstanding when he messaged her, she took days to reply back.

At long last, she admitted to him that she needed to date around. He didn’t take this extremely well and expanded his calls, letters, and messages attempting to win back her again. She soon turned out to be extremely irritated with his ingenuity and now with another boyfriend, she needed to get him off her back.

Along these lines, what she did is this: she took a Polaroid photo of her sucking her new beau’s cock and sent it to her former beau with a note, “I discovered another boyfriend, please don’t bother me again.”

Indeed, evidently, the guy was shattered at the same time, considerably more thus, he was pissed. In this way, what he did next was marvelous.

He wrote on the photograph’s back the accompanying,: “Dear Mom and
Father, I am having an incredible time at school, please send more cash!”

He sent the photo to her parents.


A young fellow walks into a medical store to purchase condoms. The drug specialist says the condoms come in packs of 3, 9 or 12 and asks which the young fellow needs.

They guy replies, “I’ve been seeing this young lady for some time, and she’s very hot and sexy. I need the condoms cause I believe I will get lucky tonight. We’re eating with her parents, and afterward we’re going out. What’s more, I have an inclination I’m going to get fortunate after that. Once she’s had me, she’ll need me constantly, Please give me the 12 because I’ve that feeling that she’ll need me more once she had me.” The young fellow buy the condoms and walks away.

Later he takes a seat to supper with his girlfriend and her parents. He inquires as to whether he may give the gift, and they concur. He starts the request to God, however, keeps praying for a few minutes. The young lady hangs over and says, “You never let me know that you were such a religious individual.” He hangs over to her and whispers, “You never let me know that your dad is a pharmacist.”


A Boyfriend wants to have sex with his girlfriend in his house. Just before they get into it, he defines the limits. “Alright, so my younger bro is home, and I have bunk beds. He’s on the base bunk. If you need it harder, you say tomato. If you need it quicker, you say lettuce, and if you need to moan you say some other ingredients that would be on a sandwich.”

So they’re up on the top bunk having intercourse, and she’s shouting “Tomato! Tomato! Lettuce! Lettuce! Cheese! Cheese!” Well, the younger brother is still on the bottom bunk and shouts “Hey can you please stop it, your getting Mayonnaise all over me!!!

Wise Decision

A man had three excellent girlfriends yet didn’t know which one to wed. As a test, he chose to give every lady $5,000 to perceive how they would spend it.

The first one went out and got herself a complete makeover. She let him know, “I spent the cash so I could look beautiful for you because I love you and care for you.”

The second goes for shopping and bought the man new golf clubs, and iPad and an 80-inch LED TV. She said, “I purchased these presents for because I love you with all my heart.”

The third lady took the $5,000 and put it in the share trading system, multiplied her venture, returned $5,000 to the man and re-contributed the rest, She said, “I am contributing whatever is left of the cash for our future because i love you a lot.”

The man contemplated how each of his lady friends had spent the cash, and after that he chose to wed the one with the biggest boobs.

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