Jew Jokes

Jew Jokes

Funny And Hilarious Jew Jokes

Welcome to the collection of best jew jokes you could ever find on the internet. Feel free to share these funny and hilarious jokes about jews with your friends.

What’s the difference between a boy scout and a jew?
A boy scout comes back from his camp.

What’s the most ideal approach to get a Jewish young ladies number?
Move up her sleeve.

What do they yell out while teeing-off at a Jewish Golf Resort?

What did the Jewish peadophile say to the child?
Wanna buy some candy?

Difference between a Jew and a Canoe?
A Canoe tips.

Jew strolls onto a transport, holding an expansive dufflebag. He requests a senior markdown, despite the fact that he couldn’t be much more older than 40. Driver requests his ID, the Jew whines and declines to pay full passage. It backtracks and forward between the driver and Jew, both excessively persistent, making it impossible to give in. In an anger, the driver diverts the Jews dufflebag from the transport, and it tumbles down a slope.
The Jew shouts “What the fuck?! Simply in light of the fact that I didn’t pay full charge you attempt to execute my child?”

why do jews wear yamakas?
Half of a hat, its cheaper.

Why do Jewish men love viewing porno motion pictures in reverse?
They like the part when the hooker gives the cash back.

What happens to a jewish man on the off chance that he strolls into a wall with a full erection?
He breaks his nose.

Jewish kid: father would i be able to have 50p?
Father: 40p?! what do you need 30p for?

How was the Grand Canyon formed?
A Jew dropped a penny down a gofer gap.

A priest and a rabbi are strolling down the road, when the priest spots a 12 year old kid bowing over to tie his shoe. Taking a gander at the kid’s ass, the priest says, “Jesus Christ, I need to fuck that!”
The rabbi answers, “out of what?”

How would you discover the Jews in your neighborhood?
Move a penny not far off.

Why have Jews got big noses?
Because air is free.

What is the difference between a pizza and a Jew?
A pizza doesn’t shout when you place it in the oven.

What’s the difference between a black jew and a white jew?
Black Jews have to sit in the back of the gas chamber.

What do you get when you cross a Jew and a Gypsy?
A chain of empty Convenience Stores.

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