Little Johnny Jokes Dirty

Little Johnny Jokes Dirty

It’s true that most of Little Johnny jokes are dirty and filthy, but they will make you laugh out loud. Start telling these little johnny jokes dirty in your class and watch them laugh out loud.

Little Johnny Dirty Jokes For Adults


Johnny was playing outside when he truly needed to go to the bathroom. He keeps running in, and his grandmother was going to clean up. He takes a gander at her groin and says, “Whats that?” She says, “Well, it’s a beaver, Johnny.”

The following day the same thing happens, just his mother is washing up. He says, “Mother I comprehend what that is. It’s a beaver. However, I believe grandmothers is dead cause it’s tongue is hanging out.”

Messy Ending

One day toward the end of class, little Johnny’s teacher requests that the class go home and think about a story to be finished up with the lesson of that story. The next day the teacher requests the first volunteer to recount their story.

Little Suzy raises her hand. “My father claims a ranch and each Sunday we stack the chicken eggs on the truck and drive into town to offer them at the shops. Indeed, one Sunday we hit a major knock and every one of the eggs flew out of the wicker container and onto the street.”

At the point when the teacher requested the lesson of the story, Suzy answered, “Don’t keep all your investments tied up on one place.”

Little Lucy went next. “My father possesses a ranch as well. Consistently we take the chicken eggs and place them in the hatchery. A weekend ago just eight of the 12 eggs brought forth.”

Once more, the teacher requested the lesson of the story.

Lucy answered, “Don’t depend on something that isn’t guaranteed.”

Next up was little Johnny. “My uncle Ted battled in the Vietnam war, and his plane was shot down over adversary region. He bounced out before it smashed yet could just take the case of beer, an automatic rifle and a blade. In transit down, he drank all the beer. At that point, he landed right amidst 100 Vietnamese officers. He shot 70 with his assault rifle, yet then he came up short on slugs! So he hauled out his cleaver and executed 20 more. At that point the sharp edge of his cleaver broke, so he slaughtered the last ten with his uncovered hands.”

The teacher looked somewhat stunned. After making a sound as if to speak, she asked what conceivable good there could be to this story.

“Well,” Johnny answered, “Don’t fuck with Uncle Ted when he’s drunk.”

Make A Sentence

One day, amid a lesson on proper grammar, the teacher approached the class for a show of hands from the individuals who could utilize “beautiful” in the same sentence twice.

In the first place, she approached Little Lisa, who reacted with, “My dad purchased my mom a beautiful clothes, and she looked beautiful in it.”

“Good, Lisa,” answered the teacher. She then approached Little Tommy.

“My mother arranged a beautiful dinner, and it turned out beautiful,” he said.

“Fantastic, Michael!”

At that point, the teacher approached Little Johnny.

The previous evening, amid dinner, my sister told my dad that she was pregnant, and he said, Beautiful, just f*%@# beautiful!”

The Priest And Johnny

Little Johnny is sitting with his legs spread before him and calmly squishing every one of the ants on the walkway with his thumb and with every squish says, ‘dead ants, dead ants, dead ants.’ The priest strolls up to Little Johnny and asks him what’s he doing? Johnny looks at the priest without flinching and says slaughtering ants. The Father asks him that all thing on earth are Gods manifestations and of worth and nobody has the privilege to slaughter. Johnny squishes another ant and the Priest says to Johnny, ‘If you can concoct three things that have no worth on this planet, I will leave and not aggravate you’re killing of these guiltless ants.’ Johnny considers it for a large portion of a beat of a second and afterward says as he is as yet squishing the ant…’Balls on a priest, tits on a nun….(squishes another insect) and dead ants!’

Mommy’s Dying

Little Johnny is cleaning up with his mom and says, “Mother, what are those things on your mid-section!?” Unsure of how to answer, she advises Johnny to ask his father at breakfast tomorrow, very sure the matter would be overlooked.

Johnny remembered. The next morning he asked his dad the same inquiry. His dad, constantly speedy with the answers, says, “Why Johnny, those are balloons. At the point when your mom dies, we can explode them, and she’ll buoy to paradise.” Johnny feels that is perfect and asks no more inquiries.

A couple of weeks after the fact, Johnny’s’ father returns home from work a couple of hours early. Johnny comes up short in the house crying madly, “Daddy! Daddy! Mother’s dying!!” His dad says, “Quiet down child! Why do you believe Mommy’s dying?” “Uncle Harry is exploding Mommy’s’ balloons and she’s shouting, “Gracious God, I’m coming!”

This was the best collection of little johnny jokes dirty. Hope that you’ve enjoyed all the jokes.

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