Math Jokes

Math Jokes

Math Jokes That Are Funny As Hell

The best collection of math jokes that are funny as hell. You will love these jokes whether you’re a math teacher or a math student.

Nailed It

A father who is all that much worried about his son’s bad grades in math chooses to enlist him at a Catholic school. The son brings home his report card after his first term: He’s getting “A”s in math. The father is, obviously, satisfied, however, needs to know: “Why are your math grades all of a sudden so great?” “You know”, the son clarifies, “when I strolled into the classroom the first day, and I saw that guy on the wall nailed to a plus sign, I knew one thing: This place means business!”

Fire Fire

Three teachers (a physicist, a scientific expert, and an analyst) are brought into seeing their senior member. Pretty much as they arrive the senior member is gotten out of his office, leaving the three teachers there. The educators see with the caution that there is a flame in the wastebasket. The physicist says, “I comprehend what to do! We must chill off the materials until their temperature is lower than the ignition temperature and after that the flame will go out.” The scientist says, “No! No! I realize what to do! We must remove the supply of oxygen so that the flame will go out because of the absence of one of the reactants.” While the physicist and scientist wrangle about what course to take, they both are frightened to see the analyst circling the room starting other fires. They both shout, “What are you doing?” To which the analyst answers, “Attempting to get an adequate sample size.”

We Need Baby

Three Native American women visited the tribe’s doctor and said that they had all been hitched for over a year yet none had a baby. What did he recommend?

He said to the to begin with, “Get your courageous spouse to murder a buffalo, skin it and lie on the skin during the evening. You will soon have a kid.”

He said to the second, “Get your daring spouse to kill a mountain lion, skin it and lie on the skin during the evening. You will soon have a kid.”

He said to the third, “Get your fearless spouse to execute a hippopotamus, skin it and lie on the skin around evening time. You will soon have a tyke.”

Later, every one of the three came back to the medication man. The primary had a kid; the second had a young lady and the third had twin kid and young lady. They inquired as to why this ought to be.

He said, “Ah, extraordinary boss Pythagoras, he say, the squaw on the hypopotemuse is the entirety of the squaws on the other two stows away.”

High Five

Two statisticians visits the forest for hunting. The first fires at the bird, however, overshoot by 5 feet. The second statistician fires and missed the bird by 5 feet. They both give one another a high-five and say, “Got it!”

Spot On

There were a physicist and scientific expert in a hot air balloon and got lost. At long last they scientific expert hollered out, “where are we?” After a few seconds, they listened, “you are in a hot air balloon.” The physicist remained there for one minute and reacted with “are you a mathematician.” After a yes had listened, the physicist was stunned and asked how he realized that. The physicist reacted rapidly with, “it’s simple, he was completely right, yet doesn’t help anyone at all.”


An analyst’s wife had twins. He was charmed. He rang the clergyman who was additionally pleased. “Convey them to chapel on Sunday and we’ll purify water them,” said the priest. “No,” answered the analyst. “Immerse one. We’ll keep the other one as a control.”

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