Mobile Phone Jokes

Mobile Phone Jokes

Mobile Phone Jokes

Here you find the best collection of mobile phone jokes. We bet that these jokes about mobile phones will make you laugh in seconds.

Ticket Please

Three Android engineers and three iPhone engineers  are going to board a train to a meeting. The Android engineers see that the iPhone engineers purchased only one ticket between them. The Android engineers ask the iPhone engineers how they anticipate getting to the meeting. “Watch n’ Learn,” one of the iPhone engineers says.

When the train leaves the station, the three iPhone engineers surge from their seats and all crush into one restroom. At the point when the conductor gets through the auto, he thumps on the restroom entryway and says “ticket please!” The entryway opens a bit, and the one ticket is given to the conductor. The Android engineers are inspired, and choose that is the thing that they will do on the outing back.

At that point on the going back, the Android engineers see that the iPhone engineers haven’t purchased any tickets. “How would you return home with no tickets?” they inquire. “Watch and learn,” one of the iPhone engineers says. When the train leaves the station, the three Android engineers hustle for the restroom. A couple of minutes after the fact, one of the iPhone engineers gets up from his seat, thumps on the restroom entryway and says, “ticket, please!”

A Woman’s Nature

A lady was nearby on a shopping trek. She started her day discovering the absolute best shoes in the first shop and an excellent dress marked down in the second. In the third, everything had recently been diminished by 50 percent, when her mobile phone rang.

A female doctor was on the phone telling her that her spouse had quite recently been in a shocking car accident and due to critical condition was admitted to the ICU.

The lady advised the doctor to illuminate her spouse where she was and that she’d arrive at the earliest as possible. As she hung up, she understood she was surrendering what was forming over to be her greatest day ever in the boutiques.

She chose to get in several more shops before going to the hospital.

She wound up shopping whatever is left of the morning, completing her trek with some espresso and a delightful chocolate cake cut, compliments of the last shop.

She was joyous.

Then she remembered her spouse. Feeling remorseful, she dashed to the hospital.

She saw the specialist in the hall and got some information about her spouse’s condition.

The woman doctor scowled at her and yelled, “You felt free to completed you’re shopping excursion didn’t you! I trust you’re glad for yourself!

While you were out for as far back as four hours having a good time around the shopping mall, your spouse has been moping in the ICU! It’s pretty much too you felt free to completed because it will more than likely be the last shopping trip you ever take! For whatever is left of his life he will require round-the-clock care. What’s more, he will now be your responsibility!”

The lady was feeling so remorseful cried.

The doctor then laughed and said, “I’m simply pulling your leg…

…He’s dead. Now show me what you purchased.”


I visited the market a day or two ago and purchased this cheap cell phone from a Muslim. I returned home and began messing with the settings. When I switched the phone to,”Flight Mode”, it fucking exploded.


I told my friend, “You ought to treat your girlfriend the same way you treat your mobile phone.”

He said, “What, take great care of her, and never lose her.”

I said, “No, upgrade each couple of years.”

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