Super Mario Pick Up Lines

Super Mario Pick Up Lines

Super Mario Pick Up Lines

Pick Up Lines World brings the greatest game of all time super mario pick up lines you’ve ever seen. Here you can find some great pickup lines to help you pick up a mario girl.

You must be from mario world cause those mushrooms are definitely making me bigger.

If you were a warp tube, I’d be in you all day.

I’d rather ride you than Yoshi any day.

Are you a magic flower? Because you are burning me up.

I know how Mario must feel, ’cause I really want to clean your pipes.

They don’t call me Super for nothing.

If I had the choice, I would gladly spend my 100 coins on you instead of on an extra life.

Are you a magic feather? Because my heart just grew a tail, and flew away.

Hey baby. Why don’t I let you blow my magic whistle and skip straight to level 8!

For you i would travel all levels around the world.

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