Racist Mexican Jokes That Are Funny As Hell

Racist Mexican Jokes That Are Funny As Hell

These racist Mexican jokes that are funny as hell will surely make you laugh out loud.

Family Affair

A Mexican maid name Amara declared to her Boss Mr. Blanco and his wife that she don’t want to work in their house anymore. At the point when inquired as to why, she answered, “I’m in the family way.”

The wife was completely amazed and stunned and asked who it was.

The servant answered, “Your spouse and your child.”

Mrs. Blanco was humiliated and requested clarification.

“Well,” Amara clarified, “I go to the library to clean it, and your spouse says, ‘You are in the way.’ I go to the front room to clean, and your child room and he say ‘You are in the way.’ So I’m in the family way, and I quit.”

A Pee

A Mexican fellow was taking a pee for a building, and a Texan watches him. When the Mexican finished peeing, the Texan asks him, “Why you Mexicans don’t wash your hands after you pee?”
The Mexican grins, “Senior, we Mexicans don’t piss on our hands.”

A Smart Decision

An American, a German, and a Mexican were sailing in a boat. Suddenly the boat was about to sink. Each of them needs to toss things out to make the boat lighter.

The German tosses out bottles of beer and says, “We have a considerable measure of beer in Germany, so we needn’t bother with these!”

The Mexican tosses out five instances of burritos and says, “We have a ton of burritos in Mexico, so we needn’t bother with these!”

The American gets the Mexican and tosses him out.

The German inquires as to why he tossed the Mexican out.

Also, the American answers, “We have a considerable measure of Mexicans in America, so we needn’t bother with him!.”


Jose lands at the Mexican border on his bicycle with two big sacks over his shoulders. The guard stops him and asks: “What’s in the sacks?”

“Senior, It’s just sand.” answers Jose.

“Sand??? Indeed, we’ll simply see about that – get off the bicycle!”

The guard takes the sacks, tears them open, exhausts them out and discovers nothing in them except sand. Keeping Jose overnight, the sand is broke down, however just to find it is truth be told sand.

Jose is discharged, the sand is put into new sacks and put on Jose’s shoulders, and he is let over the fringe.

Following day, the same thing happens. The guard asks: “What you arrived?”

“Sand,” says Jose.

An intensive examination of the sacks again demonstrates there to be only sand, and along these lines, Jose is permitted to ride over the fringe.

For an entire year, this proceeds until one day Jose doesn’t show up, and the watchman finds him in a Cantina in Mexico.

“Hey, Bud,” says the guard, “I know you’re smuggling something. For a year, it’s made me insane. It’s everything I can consider… I can’t get rest, the children are getting neglected…heck, even the dog detects I’m starting to lose it! Between you and me, exactly what are you carrying?”

Jose tastes his beer, smiles, and answers: “Bicycles…”

Bungee-Jumping Show

One day two fellows are bungee-jumping. The first guy says to the second. “You know, we could profit running our particular bungee-jumping show in Mexico.” The second gentleman thinks this is an incredible thought, so the two pool their cash and purchase all that they’ll require – a tower, a versatile rope, protection, and so forth.

They go to Mexico and start to set up on the square. As they are developing the tower, a group begins to amass. Gradually, more individuals accumulate to watch them at work. The leading gentleman bounced. He bobs toward the end of the rope, however, when he returns up, the second gentleman sees that he has a couple of cuts and scratches.

Unluckily, the second fellow isn’t capable catch him, he falls once more, skips and returns up once more. This time, he is wounded and dying. Once more, the second gentleman misses him.

The main fellow falls again, and skips move down. This time, he returns botched up – he’s got a few broken bones and is verging on oblivious. Fortunately, the second fellow at long last gets him this time and says, “What was the deal? Was the line too long?”

The main fellow says, “No, the rope was fine, however, what the hell is a ‘pinata’?”

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