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Army Pick Up Lines

Army Pick Up Lines For Dating Someone In The Military

Your fragrance helps me to remember napalm in the morning.

Baby! I’m really sorry. Did I spill my camel pack on you?

Gunny says I’m the best humper in the organization. That is the reason he places me in the back.

Is it true that you are in the Air Force? Cause you’re more hotter than the motor of a F-22A Raptor.

Keep in mind an Officer and a Gentleman? I’m not one or the other.

Is that a radio in the middle of your legs? Since comm is going to go down!

Do you know how to clean a gun?

You’ll just need to give me one push-up warrior, if it’s your bra.

Darling, would you say you are an officer? Cause you simply made my privates stand at attention.

Damn young lady, would you say you are a five paragraph order? Since I wanna SMEAC dat.

It is safe to say that you are up for somewhat strategic insertion?

You on watch? I wouldn’t see any problems you watching with the strong fine me.

Keep in mind to lube the chamber before you send the bolt home.

Asking for permission to enter friendly lines. Permission granted?

Want to help me set up my condition one weapon?

Uncle Sam ain’t the only one who needs you.

That is not a M60 in my jeans, I’m only upbeat to see you.

Wanna know why I’m known as a “drill” sergeant?

Hey girl! You don’t need a gun to kill someone.

Hope that you will like these lines. If you’ve any army pick up lines share them with us.

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