Marching Band Pick Up Lines

Marching Band Pick Up Lines

If you love marching band pick up lines, then you’re at the right place. Use these marching band pick up lines on people who understand them otherwise get ready to see a stone face.

 Marching Band Pick Up Lines To Help You Flirt with Confidence

Marching Band Pick Up Lines

Do you believe in love at first set, or should we run it again?

You wanna see how far I can fit my mouth piece into my mouth?

I’ll be at side 1, you’ll be at side 2 and we’ll both be dressing center.

Do you play piccalo because I bet you want a peek down below.

This set of drill isn’t the only thing gonna leave you out of breath tonight.

Are you the drum major stand because i would climb you all day.

My tuba? Yeah….it takes a strong tongue and soft lips to make this kind of music.

You’ve got all parts of me standing at attention.

You’re like a drum. I want to bang you all night.

When you speak, its like 1000 horns all in tune.

Your calves must ache because you’ve been marching through my mind all day.

I wrote your name in the middle of a heart on the bottom of my shoe, so when my toes are up, everyone’s knows about us.

It’s saxy time.

Maybe we can have a sectional time..just the two of us.

According to my coordinate sheet your dot is on my bed.

Hey baby, if its not too much treble, I’d like to ‘B’ with you…naturally.

Are you a fermata? because I’d like to hold you.

My instructor says i’ have a great blow technique.

Do you play the vibraphones? because i have been getting a good vibe from you.

Hey baby! I’m a percussionist. I bang hard.

You’re cuter than a french composition.

Don’t worry, i practice safe sax, and always wear a reed.

Wanna swap mouth pieces.

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