18 Cute Australian Pick Up Lines To Date Insanely Gorgeous Aussie

18 Cute Australian Pick Up Lines To Date Insanely Gorgeous Aussie

Hey, How’s Australia? I can take you down under, waa ann kk.

What’s it’s going to take for me to see your thunder from down under.

I don’t mean to be rude, but you remind me of my favorite kangaroo.

“You like kangaroos?”
“They’re from Australia.”

The air is hot but not as hot as you.

You’re a fuckin cunt. Lucky for you, I love fuckin cunts.

Are you ladies chubby single and ready for a Pringles? Cause I am.

Are you Australian? Cause you meet all my koalafications.

Do you have Australian in you? Would you like some?

If I were a kangaroo, I’d let you ride in my pouch.

Hey, would you believe me if I said a crocodile bit me?

Do you want an Aussie kiss, there just like a French kiss but down under?

Can I see the little joey in your pouch?

Will you be the Ketut to my Rhonda?

Is your vocal range tenor because if there were tenor (ten of) you, I would be jubilant.

Babe, let me take you to Australia.

The way your uggs comfort your foot is the way I’ll comfort your dick.

You smell better than Christmas dinner.

After I’m done with the girl, she’s just like a boomerang. Always come straight back to me.

Are you Australia? Cause your geographical location is hot.

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