Crazy Ghetto Pick Up Lines To Date A Girl From The Hood

Crazy Ghetto Pick Up Lines To Date A Girl From The Hood

If you live near a hood and want to pick up some hot ghetto girls, then try one of these ghetto pick up lines as an icebreaker. Picking up a ghetto girl is not a piece of cake. Simply be fresh and smooth like a true gangster, but don’t go too strong on them.

Aww, girl, I heard you got a disability? All you need is Dis Ability.

Aye Gurl, I heard you’re from the ghetto? Cause I’m going to ghetto hold of that ass.

Aye Girl, It’s not about just your beauty, it’s about that damn booty.

Girl is you a cockroach because a nigga trying to smash yo ass.

Yo Mayo, you da reason Dj Drama be yelling oh my.

Aye girl, I listened to the new Drake album and thought of you.

Damn girl, Is your mouth a daycare?” (No, Why?) “Cause I heard that is the place everyone drops there kids off.

You a decent good girl, you only want a gangster in your life to treat you right.

Girl, Will you be the jerk to my chicken.

Ay shawty, I can’t remember my number because I’m too busy trying to get yours.

Aye girl, You and I were meant to be together like a squally with cash and a Thot with a baby daddy.

Hey, gangsta, I got a style. I got class. I’m a bad white girl with a ghetto ass.

Aye bitch, lemme pay your rent this month.

Yo honey. I know you’re pregnant but when you drop that one off. I’d love to put another in you.

Aye girl, you’re thicker than a novel, and I want to read all pages of that book.

Yo girl, Bought this little crib in my heart. You’re welcome to stay.

Don’t stress over me, baby. I’m getting total estimations and measurements. I’m going to lay some pipe.

You can also use these ghetto pick up lines as a joke and make everyone happy in the hood.

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