Romantic Flirty Pick Up Lines In Hindi For Desi Guys And Girls

Romantic Flirty Pick Up Lines In Hindi For Desi Guys And Girls

This page shares Hindi pick up lines for desi guys and girls who love Bollywood. We’ve created these desi cute pick up lines for your boyfriend and girlfriend in pure desi style.

Meri Jaan! Watching you. Kuch Kuch Nahi balkay bohat kuch hota hay.

I will curry on loving you, for as long as life will aloo me.

You’re like daal to my chawal. Should we mix it up?

Itna Kuch Horaha hai Hindustan mai kya tum meri nahi ho sakti?”

Will you be the Heer to my Ranjha?

Your butt is like a dhol. I want to bang it all night long.

You’re gharam like gharam masala.

Girl! Were you born on Diwali because you’re a pataka?

Are your parent’s bakers cause you’re the burfi.

Hey, girl! You’re like a jalaibee. Sweet and curvy.

You’re so full of masala, jaan. Tadka maar ke.

Baby kya ap talibaan ho? Jitna bhee tabaah kerdo, dil har baat muzaakraat ko kerta hai…

Hey, girl! Can I suck the juice of your Gulab jamans?

I want to marry you raita way.

I like my girls like my chai. Hot and garma garam.

Your name must be Seema, cause I see ma future with you.

You’re similar to chutney- you made my life hot and tasty.

Hey, girl! Do you want to play gabbar and basanti?

Your ammi must’ve drunk a considerable measure of milk while she was pregnant with you because you’re Gori Gori!

So you love banana. Do you need one?

I don’t need gulab jamans or jalebis. None of them is as sugary as you.

Jaan! You’re more garam then my chai.

Hey I just met you, and we’re both Desi, but here’s my data, so Shaadi maybe?

You remind me of my nani. She was also charming and gorgeous.

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