Bowling Pick Up Lines

Bowling Pick Up Lines

Funny Bowling Pick Up Lines

You are as delightful as a fresh out of the plastic as a brand new bowling ball.

Hey baby, Wanna try cause I can hit it really hard.

Are you a 300 game cause you are Perfect.

Girl, are you a Track 300C Solid? Cause those curves are continuous.

Baby, are you a strike? Because, you’re a perfect 10.

If you’re a bowler that makes me considerably more attracted to you.

I like girls like I like my balls. With nice, perfect curves.

Baby you’re so hot you practically made me drop my ball.

Hey, I would play you hard and in.

Are you a corner pin cause your the only 10 around.

Girl are you the dv8 ruckus because when you walk by you cause a ruckus.

Hey girl, Wanna smell my balls.

Babe, you’re incredi-bowl.

Damn girl, you got more backend then my hyroad pearl.

My bowling balls aren’t the only thing reacting tonight.

I like to use rubber grips for my holes but i don’t use inserts.

Hey girl, I know how to pick it up.

Hey girl, you smell as good as my balls. I mean my bowling balls.

If you don’t care about bowling then I will hold the door open to give you a chance to get out of my life.

Hey girl, I got more than two balls.

You’re more attractive if you watch the PBA with me.

If you don’t care about balling then I don’t care for you.

Hey girl, I got incredible aim.

Hey boy, I can bend and stay balanced.

Baby, you’re harder to pick up then a 7-10 split.

If bowling equipment isn’t at the top of your Christmas list. would you say you are even a bowler?

Hey sexy, I know how to handle multiple balls.

Hey baby, I always come in at the right angle.

Are you the badger because girl you got no recovery.

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