Cheerleading Pick Up Lines

Cheerleading Pick Up Lines

In this post, Pick Up Lines World collect the best cheerleading pick up lines for your cheerleader team. It’s true that cheerleaders date and sometimes marry sportsperson. Because both cheerleaders and sportsperson are hot and sexy and they’re around each other constantly. If you got eyes on some hot cheerleader and you’re not some big tough athlete. Just learn these sweet pick up lines to make a hit on any cheerleader. Enjoy the list we’ve got.

Cheerleading Pick Up Lines To Impress The Hot Cheerleader

Can you teach me the counts? The counts to your heart.

Are you a flyer? Because i really want to pick you up.

I got a 0.5 deduction for falling for you.

I must be a loose flyer because i’m falling for you.

Are you a cheerleader? Because you’ve tumbled through my mind.

Hey boy, I can handle more than one stick at a time.

It’s funny to the point that were hot cheerleader and I was a blundering geek since now WILL YOU MARRY ME?

Hey girl, Your legs look like they’ve never met. I don’t have to work hard to open them.

I wish i was your back-spot, So i could touch your butt.

You have the most delightful belly button I’ve ever seen. I don’t care for a great many people’s since it’s commonly amongst the most unhygienic part of a body. But yours is stunning.

Hey girl, Let me teach you how to yell.

I’ll love you like a flyer loves not bring dropped.

Is it true that you are a banana? Since you’re awesome at the splits.

Do you believe in love at first sight of someone’s butt?

I must say that high school was hell but you were the most hottest thing there.

To impress a cheerleader treat them simply like you would treat any other girl. They’re not from some other planet. They are just girl who wear cheerleader costume. Regardless they have a mind and still have different interests and objectives in life. Let’s comment your favorite Cheerleading pick up lines & remember to share these amazing pick up lines!

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