Hockey Pick Up Lines

Hockey Pick Up Lines

Funny And Dirty Hockey Pick Up Lines

Are you looking for top dirty hockey pick up lines to smooth the path and start flirting with someone who’s a fan of hockey. Whatever your reasons are, you’ve come to the right place for ice hockey player pick up lines. So share and enjoy!

“My other stick curves to the right.”

“I’ve been called a dirty player but lets just see how dirty we can get tonight.”

“I said, ‘Would you like a PUCK?’”

“Let me show you that I’m good for more than just a one-timer.”

“Hi, I’m Zam. How would you like a Zamboni ride?”

My wife calls me Gordie Wowe!

“How about we drop the gloves and go at it?”

“I may be toothless, sweaty, and all black and blue, but I make a mean quiche Lorain.”

“Wanna go for a ride on my Zam-boner?”

Ever kiss a guy with no teeth?

“Well if I can’t score, can I get an assist?”

“I bet my stick would feel great in your crease.”

In your case, NHL stands for Non-stop Happenin’ Lady.

You must be Ilya Kovalchuk because you are outta my League!

I must be Clarkson because I’m falling for you.

“Hey baby, let me be Brett Hull’s Skate and get up all in yo Crease”

My skateblade’s not the only thing made of steel.

Can I slip one past your goalie?

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