Lacrosse Pick Up Lines Only Lacrosse Players Will Understand

Lacrosse Pick Up Lines Only Lacrosse Players Will Understand

Hey baby, Do you love to play lacrosse because you can have my stick.

Hey, girl, I’ll let you cradle my balls.

Hey, baby, I don’t know what to do with my hands.

Hey, baby, What’s your favorite position.

Is that a ball in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

I bet you’ve never been hit with a shaft this big before.

Save a horse, ride a lacrosse player.

I don’t call yellow cards for getting too physical.

Let’s play a game without refs. We can get as dirty as we want.

Can I put my lacrosse stick in your goal?

Hey, lax bro, I’m your lax hoe.

Your stick skills are amazing. I bet you know all the tricks.

Baby win me over like you win the face off.

Just call me your personal laxtitute.

Thank goodness, there’s a penalty box because you’ve been a bad boy.

You’ve got a nice head.

I’ve got a huge bucket of balls baby.

Hey girl, What type of shaft do you love? Aluminum, Titanium, Composite, Scandium or Wood.

The only checking you should be doing is me out cause you Lacrosse my mind every day.

So you’ve seen the movie crooked arrow? You can see my crooked arrow for free.

Hey, baby, I wanna let you know, I took a shot to the leg today and only cried for two hours after practice.

You’ve been running lacrosse my mind all day.

Hope that you will like these lines. If you’ve any lacrosse pick up lines share them with us.

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