17 Best Tennis Pick Up Lines To Get A Lovely And Curvy Ace

17 Best Tennis Pick Up Lines To Get A Lovely And Curvy Ace

Pickuplinesworld brings to you one of the best collection of tennis pick up lines to get a lovely and curvy ace.

Hey, Girl! Are you interested in playing tennis? I got one racket and two balls.

Do you want to be my doubles partner for life?

Hey, Baby! Would you tell me what you think of my balls?

If you and I were a tennis match, we’d always be Love-Love.

Hey, handsome! Would you mind if I grabbed one of your balls?

I play Varsity Tennis so you should get with me.

Hey, baby! I’m happy to fetch your balls for you. You hit them as hard as you like.

Is that a ball in your pocket or are you just excited to see me?

If you are my racket, I’ll be your ball. Serve me.

You know what else a friendly match is? You and me.

I grunt harder than anyone else on the tennis courts.

I’m not a tennis player, but I’ll still grunt if you hit my balls.

Girl, you’re looking like a tennis ball. I just want to hit it.

Hey, your balls might not be yellow and fuzzy, but I bet they’re warm and snazzy.

Are you Roger Federer’s ground strokes cause baby you’re so elegant.

If we were playing tennis, I’d let you score all the points, so I’ll always be in “Love.

Excuse me miss, could you hold my balls while I get my huge racket out of my bag?

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