5 Terrorist Jokes That Will Make You Laugh on Bad Days

5 Terrorist Jokes That Will Make You Laugh on Bad Days

Find the best collection of hilariousĀ terrorist jokes you could ever find on the internet. Feel free to share these jokes to make your friends laugh.

  • Once upon a time, a group of terrorists attacked a village.
    They took the men of the village as hostages. The head of terrorists wanted to have some fun with the people in villages. He gathered all married women of the village in the camp. He put a bandage on women’s eyes and told their husband’s to take off their pants. The terrorist turned to the women and said “You are going to touch every men’s penis one by one. If you recognized your husband by his penis, then we’ll let you go, but If you can’t recognize him, then both of you will die.”
    After that, the first woman started to check penises one by one,
    “Not this, not this, husband!”
    She guessed it right, and both were spared.
    Then the second woman came,
    “Not this, not this, not this, nope, husbaaand!”
    She was also right, both were again spared.
    Third one,
    “Not this, not this, not this,…, husbaand!” Again right.
    This situation continued to appear. As a result, terrorist got bored and entered the queue. Next women came and started,
    “Not this, not this, not this, not from the village, not this, not this, husbaand!”
  • What’s the difference between a feminist and a terrorist?
    You can negotiate with a terrorist.
  • What is the difference between a woman on her period and a terrorist?
    You can negotiate with a terrorist.
  • A plane gets hijacked by a couple of terrorists. The head terrorist is in the cockpit with the pilot. He demands that the pilot takes them to a free country or else the entire plane will blow up.
    The pilot reports: ” This is an airliner, not a spaceship!”
  • Once upon a time, a group of terroristsĀ captures three spies. A French, British and Italian. The terrorists tie each of them up and put the British and Italian spy in a locked room. They take the Frenchman to a room for 6 hours, torturing information out of him. After him, they take the British spy to the room, who lasts 12 hours. At last, they take the Italian into the room, but after so much torture they can’t get any information out of him.
    The British and the Frenchman ask him how it goes, and he says “I couldn’t say anything.” They ask him why and he says “My hands were tied!”

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