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Travel Pick Up Lines

Travel Pick Up Lines For Tourists

Would you use any of these travel pick up lines on your next trip? When you’re feeling lonely while travelling then use these good cheesy pick up lines to make friends or even a girlfriend.

Might you be able to give me directions? Cause I’m new in town.

You must be french because you’re looking really nice tonight.

Have you been to Paris recently? ‘Cause Eiffel for you.

I simply need you to know. I believe you’re El Salvadorable.

Your beauty hit my heart badly. I can feel the Spain in my heart.

It is safe to say that you are certain you’re not from South Korea? Since I’m certain you’re my ‘Seoul’-mate.

You must be from Quebec because these feelings i have for you are Mont-Real.

You resemble somebody I’ve seen some time recently? Do you typically travel in dreams?

I’ve no money. Can we share a room tonight?

Who needs a guide when one can Rome openly in your delightful eyes?

Did you outstay your visa? Since you’ve got “fine” written all over you.

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