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Trini Pick Up Lines

Top 10 Trini Pick Up Lines

The Funniest top 10 trini pick up lines you could ever find on the internet. Enjoy below great collection of Trinidadian pick up lines that are funny and works.

Are yuh happy to see meh or is that a anaconda in your pocket?

Gyul u have meh missing yuh like a blind man pelting mango.

Aye gyul yuh look like KFC. Spicy, Tender and Juicy.

Eh famaly hear meh na. I wha sort yuh out like a bag a lentil peas.

Aye gyul! Yuh like a half pack of cards. Doh make sense deadline with yuh.

Aye gyul! Doh yuh like lollipops? Cuz dis loli gonna pop in yuh pum pum tonight.

Gyul…are rell rell love yuh…leh meh married yuh nah.

Gyul you like condescend milk short and sweet..

Aye Guyl! God take he time and make yuh.

Aye guyl! Do you love animals? Wanna see anaconda?

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